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Bodybuilding Movies

I don’t know how many times I have watched Pumping Iron. It is my all time favorite movie. What are some other bodybuilding movies that you guys know of.

Where did you get Pumping Iron? I can’t seem to find a descent copy of it anywhere, for a reasonable price that is.

I’m only aware of four movies that pertain to bodybuilding/bodybuilders:

Stay Hungry (Awnold, Jeff Bridges, Sally Fields)

Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron 2: The Women

Came out the same time as Pumping Iron 2, and is more a documentary on two women pro BB: Carla Dunlap and Deborah Diana - the title escapes me. However, Siskel and Ebert reviewed it and recommended it.

I saw it on sale at amazon for $100 fuck that shit.

I have seen a few copies of pumping iron on ebay, cant remember what they were going for.

I bought Pumping Iron from a shop here in OZ for $10. I also got Stand Tall with Lou Ferigno for the same price. Bargains if you ask me.

“Body for Life” it changed my life. Where would I be to day if it were not for the most influential movie ever made!!!

There was a movie called Getting Physical and also one about a guy that promotes a bodybuilding contest and finds some young unknown on the beach to compete in it but I can’t remember the name of it, sorry. I think both movies have some big name bodybuilders in them in small bit parts. They might have been tv movies. Nothing great but Getting Physical is inspirational for some people. It’s not a Pumping Iron documentary type movie but a story of how a girl turns her life around completely and then competes in a contest.

bodyd: are you talking about the “mystery movie” I mentioned? If so, no, that’s not the one. I know which one you’re talking about : it was a made for TV movie that starred Alexandra Paul as the “girl” and had Sandahl Bergman as the pro-bodybuilder who’s husband trains the chick for a pro-show that has “special appearances” of: Rachel McLish and Candy Csentsis.

Yup, when I said I have tons of useless "movie trivia" stored in my brain, I wasn't kidding....;-) The one I'm talking about IS a documentary on Carla and Deborah.

Howdy all, I really hate to do this but it’s a point of personal pride. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have pumping Iron on VHS and this year at the arnold classic I was fortunate enough to catch Arnold at a good time and he autographed my copy of Pumping Iron…It gives me chills even now. Sorry to brag

The movie with Alexandra Paul is called Getting Physical. I never saw the one with Carla Dunlap. Do you remember the other movie about the guy that puts on a contest. One of the movies has Frank Zane in it and one has Franco Columbu in it. They might even be in the same movie but I can’t remember. I have Getting Physical on tape and also Pumping Iron but I can’t place the name of the other movie. It wasn’t great but movies about bodybuilding are few and far between.

In the Nutty Professor (with Jerry Lewis), there’s a scene where a bunch of guys are working out in the gym. Man does this part of the movie get me pumped! Forget Pumping Iron, Dorian Yates Blood And Guts, or Rocky Movies combined. And the “Road the the Olympia” documentaries are all the the trash because I got the one and only workout movie. That’s right. The classic, Nutty Professor! King Kamali’s Road to be King was ok, but when I want to see a movie on training, I choose to stick to the classics where strongmen and bodybuilders know what they are doing. Training old school style. Yeah, I know the scene in the movie I’m refering to is short, but you gotta remember: It’s quality over quantity we’re talking about. I suggest you see the Nutty Professor and experience the rush I go through everytime I see it.

Okay…I thought and I thought…and the movie you’re talking about was not in theaters but on TV. Called something like Hustler on Muscle Beach. Right? Sound Right? Early, early 80’s. I gotta be right. :wink:

Wow! How did you remember that? I think you are right.It seemed like it was The Huster of Muscle Beach.I can remember bits and pieces of the movie. The kid lifting weighted signs or something on the beach and then the guy gets him into training with real weights. The kid was kind of mentally handicapped. Then I think he was supposed to throw the contest because the promoter was in trouble so when he got on stage he just stood there.Ha Ha. I think Frank Zane was doing live commentary. Then the kid comes to life.Thanks Patricia it brought back some laughs and memories, I doubt that I’ll ever see that movie again.

bodyd: Oh man, it took many hours of stewing. I only remember whatever bit I had watched on TV - and it’s been MANY years. AND I remember Frank Zane talking about it. But if you live next to a video store that we live by - y’know one that was voted Best Video Rental Store in the Country. And it is quite spectacular in it’s choices - then you could probably find it. But would it be worth it? I think I’d rather watch Pumping Iron - and I can, like anyday!

Carla Dunlap was in Pumping Iron II (1985) and Women of Iron (1984, with Deborah Diana). Rachel McLish was in PI-II and Getting Physical (1984 with Alexandra Paul) as well as Iron Eagle III (1992) and Raven Hawk (1996 TV).

Okay, I just took a look at this thread. Hate to brag, but my memory’s better than ya’ll’s! It was “The Hustler of Muscle Beach”, and the guy who played the handicapped kid was Tim Kimber, who later went on to fame (?) and fortune (?) as a Gold’s Gym entrepreneur. Heh heh. Yep, ol’ char-dawg’s feelin’ pretty pleased with himself right about now… :wink: