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Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!

Your theory about masons looking old due to simply sun is erraneous as there are these factors to consider:

a)Not all mason work in the sun, yet most of them do look older than they really are.

b)Many people go to the beach all day long. They dont look older! Thus the sun is not the only or even biggest variable.

Now, lets not focus on masons as much as we do, as the topic of this discussion is

a)high calorie diets increase your cell replication thus it may affect aging. That is why bodybuilding diet, which in most cases is highly caloric is unhealthy, it increases your aging.


b)What kind of stress do: kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and other various bodily organs have to do when you are 250+ pounds and how much stress do they recieve.

Please answer those 2 points. Flaming each other is irrelevent to the outcome of this argument. I am sure we can argue, without having to become to personal. If you cant argue, than you have lost the argument and only thing you are achiving is failure to show your point of view as correct.