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Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!

But before i begin my search i would like to add that references are worthless. You wave your references and theories about as if they are holy manuscripts passed down from jesus himself. If you search hard enough you can find them for anything. If i really wanted to i could find ref. and study to support that the metal desk beside me is giving off free positivley charged ions that will lead to erection difficulty 10 years from now. Because some nut-job wrote about it and tested it in a unsupervised mannor does’nt make it correct. Other than the fact that your ideas are just plain silly nobody really gives a good god-damn what you think. Want to think im a idiot because i cuss?? Or because i dont have the interest in this field to warrant i spend any time researching it. Then you my friend are closed minded. And that makes you the biggest idiot of all.