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Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!

Hmm, which is harder? Stacking bricks or busting your ass (or brain rather) for 8+ hours a day to meet constant deadlines? Physically: stacking bricks is harder. Mentally and emotionally: the latter is harder. But wait, isn’t manual labor exercise? I can’t believe you’re telling me that sitting all day is healthy. Based upon that moronic idea of yours, if I did nothing but layed in bed all day I’d be the healthiest man alive.

Colin: Thanks. Apparently my life isn’t stressful at all, therefore I have plenty of time to think up 1-liners. Back to studying for my last exam, which is definitely easier than if I were to go outside and dig a few holes.

BBC: Why don’t you back up your statement with some statistics? These are called references. Say it with me now…“ref-er-ren-siz”. Gooood. Naming off a couple BB’ers does not constitute statistics. If you want to categorize everyone that BB’s with Arnold and Priest you better have some info to back it up.

Oh yeah, what’s your educational background? (Not that you couldn’t make up some BS anyway.)