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Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!

It annoys me to no end when people choose to group ridiculously big( 8) )groups of people together.
Dr. Walford advocates a modicuum of weight training, states to somewhat minimize aerobic training(15 miles per week, I think), and also says that overweight people can benefit from a 10% reduction in calories(might be weight) from what they consumed in their 20’s
Have you asked anyone of us if we consume less calories than when we were younger?
Have you asked anyone of us if we over do it on the aerobics?
Another issue I take with his research (though I am not a scientist) is that, when modifying a diet the body adapts to it, so is it the calorie restriction that leads to the longer life? Is it the more nutrients available from all the vegetables that benefit the body? Is it the less starches in the diet that lead to the changes? Or is it just having a calorie intake that is closer to your calorie usage that has the impact?
Most of the diets advocated here are high veggies, lower starches and sugars, and appropriate types of fats. Dr. Walford, a scientist requires a lower calorie requirement than your bricklayer, who requires less than a bricklayer/powerlifter.
His studies are on mice, whom as we all know can’t lift weights like humans, so how much inference can we draw from that? His biospere research was done where the amount of work was structured, sleep patterns optimized, next to no viruses and bacteria to make them ill, no financial and marital stresses ( though they did have others stresses) and set-up with more or less the ideal diet ( lots of veggies, beans, fish, goat milk, eggs and clean water.
The Okinawan conclusion leaves me wondering too. They have the highest number of centarians, yet eat twice as much meat as main land japan, 2 - 3 times the amount of yellow and green veggies and half to 3/4 the grain products, while the caloric amount is the same or within 300 calories( I think I haven’t read either book in about 2 years) which is easily met with just about any kind of training.
Like Roy says, it is all theory since true studyies can’t be done on humans, which is unfortunate since we can adapt in ways that animals can’t and don’t have to.