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Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!


  1. Comparing bodybuilders (who have mostly muscle mass) to sumo wrestlers (who have a very large proportion of fat mass) is not valid.
  2. Comparing what the people on this site eat to what the normal population eats is not valid.
  3. Weightlifting is good for stress. Therefore, by your own argument, it’s a good thing, and should contribute to longevity.
  4. I don’t have to try to look like a genius when I’m debating the points you’ve posted above. Comparatively speaking, it’s inevitable.
  5. While it is true that people who stay lean their entire lives live longer than the general population, it is NOT true that bodybuilders live shorter lives than the general population. No study that I’m aware of has shown this (the studies you cited don’t show it), and anecdotal evidence (in the form of people like Grimek and Reeves, etc.) show in fact that the older BBers live well into their 80’s - actually a few years longer than the average person. If you know of a study that was done on bodybuilders and shows them to be dying earlier than the rest of the populace, please post it. But you won’t be able to, because no such studies exist. Therefore, your statement “Bodybuilders dont [sic] live long” is false.
  6. By working backwards from valid premise (underweight people live longer than the general pop.) to fallacious conclusion (therefore, bodybuilders must live shorter lives than the general pop.), you have committed a classic (and, frankly, stupid) logical blunder. If we accept “If it rains, Shakira gets wet” as a valid premise, it does not necessarily follow that, simply because Shakira is wet, it has rained. She might have just taken a bath…or she might have noticed the non-underweight stud sitting across the room.
  7. Other recent studies from longevity sites (and no, I don’t have the references handy, but a forum search will turn them up) are showing that in order to reap the benefits of the underweight lifestyle you only have to incorporate periods of leaness into your life - you don’t have to be lean all of the time.
  8. I guarantee you that I have had sex with more women and more times than you have. Part of that success has been due to my being better than averagely built. Put me in a room with one hot chick and another guy who’s the same as me - but underweight - and I will get that girl. Therefore, from a sheer survival point of view, fuck you.
  9. This has been discussed as nauseum before (do a search under “longevity” to see for yourself), and I am not going to feed you any more. I apologize to the Forum for bumping this thread up and violating my own injunction. It won’t happen again.