Bodybuilding is unhealthy! NO! Life isnt fair!

Again, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Hmm…let’s see. Multiple studies have been done showing that people who eat reduced calorie, high nutrient diets live longer. First off, they’re only studying people who die (because you can’t project when people are going to die). So these people must have been born an average of 70 years ago (for argument’s sake). So let’s look at the lives of people born in the first half of the century. The average person born in 1930 never lifted weights seriously (as we deem “serious”), most likely never exercised regularly either (i.e. cardio), and knew less about current dangers (smoking, alcohol, postal employees, etc.). So taking the average 70 year old into consideration, we have a person who doesn’t exercise and doesn’t know as much about modern medicine. Of course the ones that ate less are going to live longer. They weighed less (~ same activity level for different caloric intake, thus less fat). This situation gets even more profound the older the study (thus older dead people, thus less knowledge of health, exercise, etc.). They also may be making an inaccurate correlation. Maybe it wasn’t a calorie intake to length of life relation, but a lower body fat to length of life relation (which would hold true for these studies as well). Not only were the studies done on calorie-restricted diets, but nutrient-rich diets. So if you eat your fruits, veggies, fiber, protein, etc. and avoid “empty” calories, you’re healthier? I wish someone would give me a grant to “prove” that. Then you compare sumos to bodybuilders? Nice job. Explain, then, why resistance training (key component of bodybuilding) greatly enhances the lives and health of older individuals (i.e. less broken hips) as well as us young bucks. Also, explain why so many bodybuilding diets steer us towards nutrient rich foods. That must be killing us.