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'Bodybuilding is Dead'


I'll let it speak for itself.







How surprising it was written by Shugart.

Who gives a fuck about what he has to say about bodybuilding since he clearly hates it anyway.




This belongs in a tabloid. It's drivel.

If the claims in that article are going to made, I want to see names. The author obviously doesn't give a shit about the image of the sport so why not name names?

The sad part of this is that you people who buy a ton of supplements from this site support his paycheck.


(Bodybuilding does not seem to be aware of it's own "death".
In fact, it looks like things are getting better and better especially at the top level, now with the toughest olympia line-up ever and all that?)


Uhm...that was written in 2002. Bodybuilding recently has become more, uhm mainstream I guess? , since 2002.


1 year training, ~170 pounds. Cry bitch.


It sounds like this article was written 5 years ago.

Is that a joke? What Mr Olympia contest was he watching last year?

I guess they had to release this article now, one month before the 09 O, before another tight-waisted champion is crowned, further adding to the humor of the article.

It seems as if this article was written a long time ago.

I still have no idea why it was reposted.


Is that true about the lifting the posing trunks into their crack part while people cheer them on? lol. That's pretty fuckin gay.



Ok... And in 2002 there were plenty of NPC contests and such with rather aesthetic guys... Some people just want to bitch about something and hence only consider negative aspects.


There are women in the crowd....

Btw this article is stupid hes just mad cause he doesn't like the physiques of bodybuilders today thats all, Cry moar


wow, this really hits on bodybuilding weak points as a sport.


Yeah, and not even exaggerated at all. For realz.


There are things about every sport that can be mocked, especially if phrased right. MMA is gay because it's just a bunch of guys wearing little shorts, getting all sweaty and dry humping each other on the ground. Hockey is stupid because it's jut a bunch of overgrown white guys, wearing knives on their feet chasing a little piece of rubber and hitting each other with long sticks .........

98% of the people in commercial gyms are bodybuilders. From the guys doing endless curls in the corner, to the beer belly guys using every chest pressing machine, to the girls doing every ab and butt exercise ever invented. If your GOAL is to modify your body composition, you are bodybuilding!

The pros are just better at it :wink:


LOL...Does it really?

Shugart should be banned from being able to write anything even remotely related to bodybuilding on this site.


Well - to be fair, it's not entirely bullshit. However, it's obvious that you'd need to look at the behavior on a case by case basis.

Trying to paint the whole sport with the same shit brush is unfair and clearly inaccurate. Is there plenty of drug abuse, health problems, gay for pay and all the other crap that makes up the seamy side of bodybuilding? Fuck yea! But, there are plenty of guys who approach the sport in a much more intelligent way, are family men and wouldn't even consider some of the fucked up shit that goes on.

And I can't see how the sport is anywhere near "dead".


I can't believed it's called a sport


I'm still alive!!!