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Bodybuilding in Playboy


Anyone catch this month's Playboy with the article about bodybuilding in it?

It was way pro Joe Weider...It does give Ahnold some credit but seems to put him down at times.

If anyone read this, any thoughts?

(and yes, there are great articles in Playboy).


I actually did know a guy who only read Playboy for the articles, said the pictures didn't matter to him.

He was also blind and his Playboy was in braille.


Yeah I read this article. I agree it was definitely pro Weider. I honestly didn't put too much stock in it being as it was coming from a magazine who's main topics are usually relaxation and booze(oh yes and women). It was kinda funny though the next day I went to the gym and sure as shit right on the plate it said York, apparently he new what he was doing also. Wonder if Weider predicted that one?


So, are you guys saying that Joe Weider had nothing to do with the rise of bodybuilding, noth as a sport and as a lifestyle?


I don't really have an opinion of Weider one way or the other. I'm not informed enough about him to know what the argument is against him. I just wouldn't put much stock in a playboy article about bodybuilding.


I'll have to check when I get home tonight and find out who wrote the article. Keep in mind that Playboy uses mostly freelance writers for their features...So I'm assuming the article was written by someone with some knowledge of the sport. Hopefully.


Why would you "not put much stock" in Playboy? They have an excellent reputation when it comes to journalism and fiction.

Writers like Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe, and Norman Mailer have all written for Playboy at times.

Are you assuming that since the magazine shows boobies, they don't have a fact-checker? What magazines WOULD you "put stock in?"




Wait a second?Playboy has articles?I always just assumed they were advertisements on my mad dash through the magazine to find the centerfold.


Weider is a marketing genius! But he doesn't know shit about the actual process or science of bodybuilding. The only way he got where he is today is by capitalizing on Arnold.


That is SOOOO not true! Haven't you heard about the 3829.14 Weider Principles!? Dude, before he discovered them, muscles just didn't know how to grow and develop, that's why all the preWeider BBers were so small. Joe taught Arnold and all the others how to grow, after he had applied all his principles on himself to become the mass monster we know him as; check out the pic if you don't believe me. Apparently they had to scale the statue down 350% so as not to use up the national reserve of bronze, that's why it's not lifesize.

It's true, I read it on the side of a Weider protein shake tub.


While Weider wasn't original in his naming of exercises or techniques, it did help it crossover to mainstream. For those who don't know (assuming that many here don't know shit about bodybuilding..not you Miserere) that statue was based on Robby Robinson...who later tried to sue Weider for not reimbursing him for using his image that was later used to sell billions of products.

While I see a lot of faults in the way Weider may have handled certain issues, the truth is, it would be nowhere near where it even is now without him and Arnold. Then again, some could argue that it could have been 100 times better if he actually cared more about the actual act of bodybuilding instead of Arnold-promotion.


Understood that Playboy has an excellent reputation and I'm sure that they have a fact checker. But bodybuilding is not where their expertise lies. Have you read the article? The author refers to many of the people that lift as "meatheads" from that point on I was a little off put and decided I would take everything else mentioned in the article with a grain of salt. It seemed apparent to me that whoever was writing the article may have been a bit biased on the subject.


Most journalism sucks (for accuracy) when the journalist writes about a subject outside his area of expertise.

Unfortunately that is almost all journalism.

HST was (is) one of my favorite writers but I would not depend on him to tell an accurate story on the history of anything. He was great for giving his perception of what was happening. Very enjoyable reading but not necessarily accurate.


Their editors and fact checkers must not be all that good since they have a picture of Gunter on the 3rd page of the article with Jay Cutler as the name of the bodybuilder. You would think if they knew anything about the bodybuilding scene, they would at least be able to correctly name 2 of the top 4 bodybuilders in the world!




I agree that Weider did help to bring the sport of bodybuilding into the main stream. But, he himself has never been big and his "principles" did not make Arnold. If Weider never met Arnold he would not have made a dent in the fitness world. Arnold was Weiders meal ticket, plain and simple!


HE put Arnold on a plane to America. Arnold didn't come here on his own. I think it worked both ways on that one.


Agreed. Weider gave him access to the community that he could thrive in. It didn't hurt to be right in the middle of Cali.


The way it appears to me (cos I wasn't around to see it) is that Weider was a promoter who tried to give off the image of a trainer. He didn't make Arnold's body, but he did help make Arnold's name, and then jumped along for the ride.

I agree he made bodybuilding more mainstream, but if you read his magazines when you were 18 (like I did) you would've thought the guy was a bodybuilding genius. I believed that for a few issues, but what made me suspicious was never seeing a photo of him lifting, or even of him in a short-sleeved shirt! But you did get that bloody bust of his shoved into your eyes every other page, next to one of his "principles". In my opinion, the guy was a phoney, with no integrity whatsoever. Damn good salesman, though!

And I always wished he would've given Robby some money for stealing his body.