Bodybuilding in a Parallel Universe

"Twlight Zone" Episode #2001 (Narrated by Rod Serling)
Suppose you were to fall into a wormhole and found yourself in a 
parallel universe...And suppose in this version of earth 2001 there
were no steroids in bodybuilding because the early promoters of
the sport in the late 50's and early 60's were the pillars of  integrity!
These sagacious and nobel pioneers envisioned that steroids would   
turn their beloved sport into a "Human Zoo of mutant freaks" that
would be shunned by  the populace at large...Their burning vision was to
find what the limit of human potential truly was, and they employed
rigorous testing to insure that their beautiful creation would not be
corrupted!...In this parallel universe who would rule this sport?
What kind of athlete pool would they draw from? Would the Olympia
be viewed as a main stream Event? What do YOU think???
You're dreaming Fool (Joey Z.)

Come on!.. Some of you guys out there who CLAIM to be drug free
enthusiasts should have an opinion on what the state of bodybuilding
and high level sports would be for both men and women on a pro and
recreational level…What if Weider and the other BLOOD SUCKING DEMONS
hadn’t spawned a generation of WIN AT ALL COST athletes?
What if ???..(Joey Z.)

No, bodybuilding contests still wouldn’t be mainstream. Why would any heterosexual male want to watch oiled, tanned, shaven, muscular men flexing and “pumping.” If you want to see that just go to a male strip club. Most guys watch sports because there is an underlying sense of battle. While in bodybuilding you have some guy yanking his speedos up his ass and flexing his glutes (what the fu…). Drugs or no drugs bodybuilding is not a sport and never will be.

what makes you think it would be any different? so guys would be smaller but NOBODY WOULD CARE ABOUT THIS “SPORT”(NOT!!)ANYWAY. gee look at all the “average sports fans” running of to see the nutural universe. NOBODY CARES ABOUT BODYBUILDING!!!

If only eh . . . seriously bodybuilding (unfortunately) started going downhill as soon as Ahnold retired, him and the myth. Man I wish I lived back then . . where guys had actual strength to go along with the nice muscles. If somehow some feats of strength could be integrated into shows, it could definitely appeal to a more mainstream population, people could relate, know what I mean??

What I gathered: “Naturalman” thinks Bodybuilding shows are a form of
Homo erotica…I can see his point, but respectfully disagree…As a huge
art/comic book fan growing up, I saw these guys as “awe-inspiring works of
art” come to life (just like some comic book hero)!..Being a naive teen in the
70’s, I didn’t really know what gay was!..I assumed every teen masturbated
3 X daily to his Dad’s secret collection of Playboy & Penthouse mags!

“Heytey 225,” I wasn’t totally sure what he was trying to say, but I did notice
he forgot to wish me PEACE. I guess he was mad at something!
As for the “NewGuy”-WELCOME to the Board!..And yes, Bodybuilding took a
nosedive after ARNOLD.

My humble opinions: To be a pro bodybuilder you have to take drugs in such
large quantities that they will either cause you permanent, irreversible
damage or kill you; this is the number one reason no one takes BB seriously.
Think about it: no one gives a “rat’s ass” about natural shows because after
seeing the freaks, these so-called natural guys just don’t cut it!..Besides, just
what is natural? Haven’t shotup in 6 months?..The 60’s drug use led to the 70’s
MISS USE, which became ABUSE in the 80’s then the 90’s TOTAL CHAOS!
This eventually carried over to every other pro and collegiate sport; now,
the high schools are filled with kids taking substances they know nothing
Why does this bother me? Perhaps it’s because I’m sick of seeing the discarded syringes
scattered here and there in the gym parking lot…And it’s no longer amusing when some 17
year old geek approaches me with “Hey, yo man, you look pretty good for
someone in his thirties; you juice man? You think you can help me get some gear?”
Nope, never any questions about my heavy deadlifting routine, just the
gear! Yeah, in my so-called Parallel Universe, bodybuilding would have been about
health and well-being for both the recreational and the pro enthusiast.

I would love to see the olympia dominated by guys more built like Frank Zane, Thats my ideal form of competition


I agree with Robusto. Frank Zane was in a class by himself. Arnold once wrote an article wherein he compared where Zane would be without bodybuilding and where he would be without bodybuilding and his conclusion was that Zane had actually put on more relative muscle than he himself had. I have heard Zane speak about steroid use and his conclusion is similar to Testosterone’s…the judicious use of steroids can be beneficial but, unfortunately, abuse is more the norm. Where would we be without steroids? Well, we certainly would have physically and mentally healthier competitors and the younger enthusiasts would not be striving to obtain outrangeous bodies that have become known as the norm and only obtainable with steroid abuse. And we would have more women looking like Rachael McLeisch (sp?) rather than Triple H.

Naturalman-LOL!!! I’ve even heard a lot of pros are male prostitutes! Anyway, good thread JoeyZ. I think that the abuse of drugs is unfortunate, though without them bodybuilding would be dominated even more completely by genetic freaks. At least drugs even the playing field(if everyone is taking them!) I don’t know about you guys, but it used to make me sick seeing some guys eat like shit and train like shit, and still get bigger and leaner in a year than I’d get in two or three.

I hope all bodybuilding enthusiasts research some of its tremendous legends of the past such as John Grimek. - Hope to hear from you all, In faith, Coach Davies

grimick used roids also

Thanks for stopping by, “Coach Davies”…Yes, Just try imagine how
much we owe to the legends of the game!..“John Grimek” trained mostly
with dumbbells, and did routines similar to yours and “Pavel’s.”
He was 5-8 inches tall and had 19 inch arms and a 28 inch waist, and
John was even stronger than he looked (and was noted for being a perfect
gentleman). When I was 18, I got to meet a legend, “Bill Pearl,” at the Night of
the champions in Atlantic City…He actually talked to my friend Mike and me
about training and about life in general for almost a half hour. And when he
left, he thanked US for talking with HIM!!!..WOW ,that was something! …To
Rubosto and Apollo: I agree with you guys that Frank Zane had the best look
ever; so why do today’s guys keep going in the opposite direction???(Joey Z.)