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Bodybuilding Home Gym Edition

After training on and off for so long, I said f’it and ordered a power rack for my home.I’ll also be getting a bench, a barbell and 200 pounds of weight (never realized how expensive those are btw)

My goal will be getting big and staying lean

Training routine will be push pull twice per week each, starting each workout with squats.Since full body workouts are too much volume and take a toll on the quality but gave me great results in the past, and I hate leg days(love squatting though), that’s the best of all worlds

I’ll have to work with whatever I have though, since even the rack won’t be here for a week or so, and I’ve yet to order a barbell

Tons of changes since when I used to post here btw.I’ve gone from literally not having enough money to eat and in general having low quality of life to making great money, doing things I enjoy and being overall in a good place

One of the things I wanna finally sort out is having a nice body.I am also going through “Power Eating”, to finally have a structured nutrition plan

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Dude! You’re back! Awesome.

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Welcome back!

If you can add some bands to your setup, I highly recommend it. A barbell and bands and you can pretty much replicate everything.

Plus, chicks dig dudes in bands


Thanks guys

The rack for some reason came today and I missed the delivery.Didn’t even expect it until next Wednesday, but whatever

Bands make everything better, I just have to see if the rack is heavy enough.Last thing I want is for it to flip over and on my desk

You went the home gym route during the most expensive time in human history to start a home gym. Price gouging is everywhere, ESPECIALLY on weight.

The good news is, you said you can afford it and are at a good place in life these days, so, glad to hear that, glad to have you back (though I don’t know that we ever talked before), and hope to see some good work in here.

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I live with my brother, so I only pay half the price.At worst, it’s gonna cost me two years worth of gym memberships

Actually, I found some pretty good offers. I got the rack for 230 euro. Saleswoman told me it was last piece, didn’t really believe her at first, but the next day on the website it was bat at 350 euro

Given that the equipment doesn’t give me any issues, I’ll probably go for 220 lbs x 20 high bar squat, then paused, 200 lbs for reps on the incline and probably many pullups.

That’s pretty good. I priced a setup for myself (combo rack and barbell) and it was around three years of memberships if I recall. Weights another year or so.

If you factor I paid half price, due to my brother, and I’ll not get many plates, your deal is not bad either, probably even better, given that you wouldn’t go for some cheap bench

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Oh, for sure. I’m very much a buy nice not twice guy when it comes to this kind of thing.

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Given you bench 3+ plates from what I remember, it’s more like buy nice or there won’t be twice :laughing:


A bit over three plates but only in peak and meet.

But yeah, there’s the possibility of a major booboo with iffy equipment.

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The power rack arrived, so today I’ll have it ready and hit a ton of pullups. Way more heavy duty than I expected

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Almost done


Aaand done.Plus it has dip attachments


So, first workout of the log

Bw x 5,2,2,2,2,2

Bands curls
4 sets

Just something to get back in the groove

Also here are two bicep pics.Time to grow those for a change
Uploading: IMG_20200422_225402.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200422_225411.jpg…

That actually looks really good

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Shakes on dips sadly but what you gonna do?Other than that it’s perfect

I shake on dips too.

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