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Bodybuilding Gyms in Southern CA?

I’ve been going to a private gym and the “24” hour for a while but the equipment sucks for what im doing, no chains, light dumbells and kids curling in the power rack???

So does anyone know of any good body building gyms in southern california… I live in ventura but im about 40 minutes away from santa monica and los angelas. Looking for a Dorian yates style gym, obviously would be hard to find one of that quality, But does anyone in the area or knows it find anything good?

If you live in Ventura and go to 24hr fitness, i assume you go to the 24 in Sherman Oaks. You’re telling me that all the pornstars and guys much bigger than you is not enough motivation? I go there often, almost twice a week when i get off work to late and i dont want to sit on the 405 for 2 hours. There are plenty of amateur and pros that workout there. What kind of training are you doing that you need chains? Maybe you’re looking for more of a powerlifting type gym? There are a couple, off the top of my head, Van Nuys powerlifting. There’s another one on Reseda, i think it’s called “the sports club.”

I go to to the one in thousand oaks so there’s not much going on there… the equipment at the one i go to is just too old and crappy… light stacks, i make do but i wanna find a gym with more power racks and benches. i have to wait a long time to use some of the equipment.

The stuff i want to supplement into my training they don"t have there. Ill have to buy it myself which isn’t a problem, just trying to find a more athlete oriented gym, not a social fitness club… Its got it’s good sides though like being open 24 hours for late workouts haha.

I’m not trying to just bash on it just wanna find a gym with better stuff for what I’m trying to do, which is bodybuilding and strength training. I never went to the one in sherman oaks ill have to check it out.

If you want a powerlifting style gym, Scott Mendelson lives in Sherman Oaks