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Bodybuilding Forum Stickies


I think we should really get stickies in the bodybuilding forum, hopefully they can reduce the redundant discussions and cut some of the useless traffic we get around here.

One we should get for sure is a link to some of the ramping or straight sets threads.

Discussion About Ramping/Flat Pyramids

We need to have one about bulking too so I thought the APAF thread would be good too.

All Powerlifters Are Fatties

I'm sure there are other great ones yall could post up, these were the first two that came to my mind. Feel free to help out. I think we really need stickies.


yeah idk why nothing is stickied here

thats like forum 101


Ton of good info in Stu's Countdown to 1st Contest thread



i'd would suggest the following:

  • A sticky explaining that right, wrong or indifferent no one (or 99%) here is going to say anything good about NO supps.

  • A sticky of one of the countless Splits vs TBT


I'd also nominate:

Professor X: A Request

Cephalic_Carnage: How Do You Train?

I'd also suggest a thread about "clean bulking" in which Prof X and Thibs pretty much went through an exhaustive discussion on the topic of bulking, muscle memory, and a few other very interesting (and annoyingly frequently asked about) topics. But I can't find it off hand, and I don't have the time to go searching through umpteen pages to find it atm.


Was it this one?

If so, it's kinda lame that I had to use Google to find the thread... since the T-Nation search engine didn't find it even when I put in the exact title for a search.


The T-Nation search feature sucks big time. 50% of the time I'm better off browsing through the forums than using the search feature.

I'd rather see a few stickied threads with a bunch of links in them than a bunch of individual stickied threads, kind of like in the Beginner subforum.


if everything that anybody ever needs to know about bodybuilding is stickied in this forum, is there ever going to be a need to hold a discussion here again, or at least ever start a new thread.lets face it, T-Nation has been around a long time now, i should think just about everything has been covered at some point.

going to be quiet and a bit dull round here?


good idea..
T-Nation search does suck i usually search through google for T-Nation threads/articles..


Just sticky this thread

And the article a week or so ago with all the authors programs



Who cares about total traffic, quality of the traffic coming through is what's important.


Yup, that was it. And it didn't come up in the search that I tried either, which is why I didn't want to go searching for it page by page. Good idea on the google though.


People selling products care about total traffic, and rightfully so.

I would imagine with the bitching and moaning about the search function in this thread it has zero hope of being sticky-ed.


I made a post about this kind of thing a while ago...

The bodybuilding section needs at least one "read this if you want to build muscle" sticky, that has basic information about diet (including a practical guide for cheap bodybuilding eating for students and blue collar folks), and training (including video instruction for the biggest lifts, and discussions like ramping/pyramiding/straight sets).

And I think it should include a list of the basic exercises, and a poundage you should reach on those exercises before you consider doing anything more complicated.

Then 3-4 logical splits you could train in depending on time and preference.

It would be super easy but if they haven't done it by now I'm guessing they never will.


I was under the impression someone had to write up such a bad ass thread, and then they would sticky it...

I just figured one day, one of the vets would just drop a bomb of a killer thread like you describe, everyone would rejoice it's worthiness, and BAM sticky.


This is generally how it works.

All of the stickies in the Strength Sports, Combat Sports, Beginners, The Over 35 Lifter, Rate My Physique, Steroids, and T-Cell Alpha forums were created by members. Once the thread was created and several other members agreed that it was "sticky-worthy", it can be stickied by a Moderator or Admin.


Then it's settled.

A while ago I was under the impression that Scott and Sento were working on a sticky?

If that is still an undergoing project let me know, otherwise somebody PM me that wants to collaborate on a bodybuilding sticky.


i think Stu's countdown should be stickied.


I was working with Sento on a few things, dunno if Scott had anything planned.

Pretty much stopped caring after a while, but hey, if all we need is a simple link-thread, shouldn't be too hard to do that. Let's discuss it in here.

Ok so...

-Professor X: A request <- for info on the standard modern BB method and some general stuff

-Bodypart once weekly <- (t-cell thread) for info on the kind of higher frequency training that actually works for bodybuiling purposes and some theoretical discussion

-some ramping thread, doesn't matter which one <- for more info on the standard method for those who didn't get it while reading the prof's thread :wink:

-some bulking thread, no matter which one. <- more info on the standard method and hopefully will make guys realize that bulking does not equal simply getting fat.

-AD diet thread perhaps?

-stu's contest prep thread <- I think it's obvious why that would be in there.

-we need some kind of thread on the basics of injury prevention, ROM use in bb, exercise technique etc... I don't really remember any good ones

-a video thread or multiple, Branch Warren, Levrone, Ronnie, slayermetal7, possibly some powerlifters, too, McGrath, Justin Harris...

-A few basic routines at the end (standard 4-way, yates-3-way, Phil Hernon inspired one, how to apply 5/3/1 to a bb routine... That kind of thing, not too many, but a few so the new guys can pick one and stick with it.., Plus some thoughts on each routine? Plus perhaps a few examples of diets used by bodybuilders in the off-season...
Basically just so people see an example or two of each of the main schools of thought...

-low-carb, hi-fat (hi protein goes without saying)
-moderate-high carb etc
-standard bb
-high frequency

That's it off the top of my head...


I had something more direct and helpful in mind, like my first post in this thread was getting at.