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Bodybuilding for Fatties

I’m a newbie to bodybuilding who is in the unfortunate position of wanting to lose fat, gain muscle, and increase my strength (yes I know these cannot be done at the same time). Essentially I’m a weak fatty who is just starting the fitness lifestyle. I’m 6’4’’ 250ish right now, that is down from 300ish two years back where I cleaned up my diet a bit without any exercise. In the last few months I cleaned up the diet a little more and started exercising, weights 3 days a week and cardio 2-3 days a week, to shed the last 20 lbs to get me down to 250.

What kind of programs/diets do most overweight people who want to end up with a stronger, more muscular body follow? Right now I am eating at a caloric deficit of 500-700 calories and following NROL’s Fat Loss programs for the next 8 weeks. Also just got my order of HOT-ROX Extreme. Should I continue with fat loss until I get down to a respectable BF % (I’m at 20ish% now) before I start eating at maintenance and following strength/hypertrophy programs?


Do Christian Thibaudeau’s Get Jacked Fast program…program is tough especially the diet, but I’m seeing a difference after one week and people on the board who have done the program are very happy with it.


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Thanks for the advice. Hopefully with my beginner status I can put on some muscle during these next few weeks even though I am focusing on losing fat. I’ll reevaluate at the end of October to see where my BF% is and whether I should gradually move up to maintenance and focus on strength/hypertrophy.