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Bodybuilding for a Daniel Craig Type Body?


So, what kind of workout do you think Daniel Craig would have done to get ready for his Bond films, or maybe Brad Pitt would have done to get ready for Fight Club?

Both were ripped, but not huge. I suppose this is also the type of body that rap artists shoot for. Do they do something to avoid hypertrophy? Or do they just not shoot for it?






OP, just a warning...............get out.....get out now before its too late :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally won't flame you for this question, but I know others will.

Just so I contribute SOMETHING, no, they don't avoid hypertrophy, they just stop at a certain point until they have enough muscle that pleases them, whereas bodybuilders will continue until they are huge as possible, while still remaining proportional.


I just want to say this: I was here before the EPIC MELTDOWN!!!

Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, rappers and avoiding hypertrophy...grabs popcorn and gives some to forbes, JaX Un and Marlind


Nah, I knew it would be hell to pay for asking. But I figured people here would know, whether they hate it or not.

And frankly, I've never much cared whether people think I'm an ass or not. If I'm curious, I'm going to ask. Sometimes that means I have to break out some steaks to make good use of the flames.

Thanks for the warning though.




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I'm betting 3/4 of the people on e-nation don't look half as good as Craig did in the Bond movies. I don't see how any flaming would be neccessary.

As for his workouts... I'm guessing they didn't invent anything new to put that muscle on him. Don't quote me on this, but I believe weights must have been used at some point.

... or maybe it was all CGI. lol


500mg test + some Clen


Body doubles.


I guess ill help u out kid.
having work in a all womens gym and even in an all medical student comminity, i frequently been asked to train and repect the wish of avoiding hypertrophy. well a couple of things, 1st if u do not want to get big, your mind will not even allow your body to SUPERSIZE itself. just like milos sarcev said " this happens by design, not by accident". For those type of bodies u have to analyze your bone structure to look like these guys, Pretty small jointed at the wrist elbows, knees, kinda broad shouldered (note; said kinda) then check how much body fat u carry, do u have visible abs. then check your diet. eat clean enough to get lean.

As far as the training, just train hard,(for you) full body style might be a good method. 3-4x weekly. (its very hard to get big on this type of program anyways) and also get into some conditioning drills and cardio. or like Jaxun said; do some crossfit.
well hope this helps.


As I understand it, bodybuilding is a process - it takes a long time to go from looking like a normal human to looking like a pro bodybuilder, and there are huge dietary demands the closer to the pro bodybuilder end of the scale. Train to build muscle and get stronger, and keep eating to gain weight until you don't want to gain weight anymore, OP.


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Funny thing is that Daniel Craig is actually very passionate about training. He actually read two of my books and asked me a few questions a while ago. He is really not one of these actors who gets in shape to make big bucks then lose all their muscle because they hate training.


wow Craig has just gone up a notch in my book...
OP I guess you have your answer, read CT's books and call him!


Did you tell him to do more squats? His legs were a little lackluster in the movie and yes I know i like to nitpick :stuck_out_tongue:


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Now I get the "facepalm" type comments. Lol. I have no worries about me getting big. For me personally, I only have about 5 hours per week I can dedicate to training, including cardio. And I don't have the money for more than a basic whey protein from Costco or the better nutrition, nor the free time to rest as much as I would need to get huge results. So I'm definitely trying to get as big and as strong as possible given my circumstances.

I'm just trying to understand the different methods people use to reach different goals. In other words, I am a noob, not an intentional troll.


Awesome. This has brightened my day.