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Bodybuilding Foods In the Winter


I was wondering what you ppl eat when the cold arrives.

Normally (during spring, summer and autumn) I tend to stick to grilled meats, fresh salad or boiled vegetables, etc.

But now that the temperature starts to drop- drastically that is- I find myself cheating more often or eating foods which aren't really optimal for bodybuilding.

Any ideas on foods, recipes, or cooking methods to ensure that one can continue to eat nutritiously and not feel cold?

I mean, a fresh green salad is the last thing I want to eat on a cold winter night- I hope you guys understand what I'm talking about.

Thanx for any input, its greatly appreciated.



I've been making soups and stews using ingredients such as beef, chicken, ham, beans, lentils, potatoes, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic and the like.

What are you starting to eat as cheats instead of your grilled meat and veggies?


LOL. Well lately I'm eating lotsa those instant chinese noodles. They are quick, soupy, spicy and keep me warm.

Also, I've taken up drinking lots of coffee with milk and dipping all sorts of crap into them (biscuits, etc.) instead of having oats.

I just cannot eat the typical bodybuilder dry food in winter. I crave a nice chicken curry instead of having a grilled/broiled chicken breast.

You know what I mean?


Think either broiler or Toaster Oven. Take some of your favorite grilling vegetables, douse with a bit of olive oil and put under the broiler untill they are done. You can do this with your meat as well. I also like to do alot of stir-fry as well.


I really don't eat any differently or see any reason to or feel any desire to beyond the soups and stews already mentioned.


If you make your own chicken curry, you can limit the amount of bad ingredients. BTW, you're still at what body fat percentage now? Just eat it!
(no worries, I'm just jealous :slightly_smiling: )


Winter marks the beginning of "Gumbo Season" here. Either seafood or chicken and sausage.


If you have the gift of being a naturally lean guy I wouldn't worry about it too much. I on the other hand, I am dieting because I'm a FFB and there seems to be a Goodyear wrapped around my midsection again.

I'm with you on the warm foods though. Salads don't seem too appetizing anymore, I'd rather have some veggie soup or something. I find that ODing on green tea helps with the warm factor, and will help to keep the fat off.


Or you could move to california where we have summer spring and fall...


but in all seriousness get some soup, chili and green tea