Bodybuilding Folder (apps)

I’m curious what apps everyone has in their bodybuilding folder and why. Here’s mine:

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FitNotes for training log purposes.

Tried both MFP and Cronometer for macro and weight tracking, and Cronometer wins - hands down. I still use Cronometer as needed to adjust for calorie intake.

Most of my programs are saved in excel files because I couldn’t find an app that actually did everything I wanted.

I guess I could add 8 Sleep for my bed.

I’d tried a lot of different apps but none of them actually did what I wanted.

I’ve heard good things about the RP Strength app, even if not using it for the RP Strength training.


Same here.

I can build almost everything I need easier in a spreadsheet than an app would give me.

(I say that as someone who has made Windows Phone and iOS/iPad apps professionally)

Apps can be nice for looking up nutrition facts though.

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Actually, I did use the WL Analysis app for awhile when I was trying out velocity based training. Generating force curves and bar paths from videos was cool.

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