Bodybuilding (First Contest Prep)

I’m 20 years old and thinking of doing my first bodybuilding contest. I’m currently 95kg at around 15% bodyfat. The main issue I’m having is how to diet properly… How do you calculate your macros properly and diet efficiently??

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Theres no straight answer for everyone. You have to learn your body.
1g pro is 4 cal
1g carb is 4 cal
1g fat is 9 cal

Do u need to know what % of each macro u need or do you still need to calculate ur caleries and ur daily energy Expenditure?

Both I should think. Naturally I’m able to maintain a fairly lean condition and people say I am quite muscularly big for a young natty. But my diet is literally clean foods but i have no clue on how to count my calories or adjust it to my body type… Literally starting this from scratch!

Log your food intake for a few days, and so long as your weight is (fairly) consistent, crunch the #s and see what you’re currently at in terms of macros and total cals. Then you can worry about what adjustments to make.


Great advice mate! Thank you!

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