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Bodybuilding DVDs on YouTube


So I found Jay Cutler "All Access" and Ronnie Coleman's "Relentless," but that's about it. They're both enormously entertaining (I'm not really sure why watching some huge dude eat eggs and drink protein shakes is entertaining, but it is).

Anybody else know where to watch any others for free??


They took a few of ronnie’s video’s off there. Youtube is turning to shit.


yeah? what else was there before? i saw that only a few clips of “invincible” were up


[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
They took a few of ronnie’s video’s off there. Youtube is turning to shit.[/quote]

I thought it was shit already?


some on branch warren, dexter jackson, kevin levrone.

Where is the full video to jay cutler “all access” on youtube… post the link?


Anybody know how to put DVD’s onto your computer? I have Ronnie’s first 2 movies, and Branch warren’s.


You can find a LOT of BB/BB DVD vids on youtube… El Sonbaty, McGrath, Jackson (dexter), Coleman, Cutler, Wolf, Ruehl, Arnie, Martinez, Priest, … Really, practically every top Pro.

The problem is that the vids are usually labeled something like [01/07] or whatever, or [Arms 01/07]… Some profiles have a lot of uploaded bb vids/dvds, check “caejr” for example (I think that was the profile name) and wade through all the random vids on that profile… Plenty of BB stuff in there.


Yeah. Rip the movies from the DVD using something like:


Meaning. Put the DVD in the pc’s dvd drive and rip the movie from the DVD.

The programs are usually pretty self explanatory.


WOWWEEEE. K so go get 'em before the user gets banned again: KillcheaterZXXX

All access got removed, sorry brah.