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Bodybuilding Diet

hey all,
I’m trying to figure out what to eat for a bodybuilding diet. i currently weigh anywhere from 205-220lbs depending on the week. i would like to keep this weight but swap any fat i have out for muscle.
if anyone could help me and list a general layout for this type of diet plan it would be greatly apprieciated

Short version would be to read(twice) all the Shelby starnes and John Meadows articles on here, then buy Shelby’s books they’re cheap and well worth their digital weight.

Your weight fluctuates 15 pounds?

How about reading some of the hundreds of articles on this site?

not to be a dick forcesguy but there really are about a zillion articles on diet on this site.

Your question is like coming on here and saying “Hey guys, I’m looking to start lifting weights, what should I do?”

In addition to everything mentioned, there have been a good number of contest prep threads. Just find one from someone close to your stats, search until you find a breakdown of what they’re eating, and base your own approach on that. Sure it may not fit exactly (it probably won’t), but having some sort of template is always a great idea.


Walkway is allegedly big on raw meat. You should totally give it a shot.

[quote]The3Commandments wrote:
Walkway is allegedly big on raw meat. You should totally give it a shot.[/quote]

Lol don’t kid…never know when someone may mistake what you’re saying as your 4th commandment.

yes chobbs it does, im currently having blood tests done to see if there’s a misbalance there. and thanks guys