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Bodybuilding Death Pool

Few days ago i watched a youtube video of a doctor called anabolic doc where he talked about dallas mccarver’s autopsy report. This made me think top professional athletes may not actually follow up their health conditions as closely as we think because his body was a wreck. his heart was three times bigger than an average human and he had a thyroid cancer.

Do you think there may be other bodybuilders on the verge of a sudden death just like him? If yes, do you have names in mind? Mine are Roelly Winklaar and Juan Morel.

So were taking bets who will die now?

But honestly Big Ramy is probably pretty beat up inside.

It’s funny cause this article try’s to say big guts and organs aren’t result of PED basically.

My moneys on big ramy

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I thought Phil Heath was gonna keel over on stage at the O this year. I was actually worried for his health.

Just because Roelly Winklaar is huge and that Juan Morel likes to consume crazy amount of junk food in his off-season huge doesn’t mean that they are not as ‘healthy’ as other bodybuilders. That’s just foolish. There’s no way to know unless you read their health reports. A lot of NPCs/amateur level competitors are taking more drugs than them, a few may even consume more calories on a daily basis, and they are not even half of their size.

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Of course we can’t know what’s going inside their body, this is just a guess. A ‘’ cautious ‘’ bodybuilder like Evan Centopani can have some problems any minute too.

I said their names because they went from big to huge too fast.

I also believe Justin Compton would be the next Dallas McCarver if he didnt stop.

Brandon Curry made a huge transformation in a short time and i am worried about him as well.

I wouldn’t say that Winklaar went huge too fast. I heard when she was with ‘grandma’ a.k.a his trainer back in Netherlands before he moved to Kuwait, he was ‘half-natty’ meaning the stuff that he was taken were very few and the dosages were low that he was borderline natural. If anything he went huge too slow. Isn’t he like close to 40 now?

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he is 41 but considering he recently got into the best shape of his life, he probably wont be stopping for a while.

I would watch out for any of the guys that go to the Middle East and train with the crew at Oxygen Gym. Whatever they are doing to transform guys like Brandon has got to be on the extremely aggressive side of the drug spectrum.

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i agree because it looks like there is nothing special about their training.

they just hop from one fancy latest technology equipment to another.

what’s the point of starting a thread like this? what can anyone gain from it?