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Bodybuilding Contest Paint


Just wondering what your preferred contest paint is. Last time I was unhappy with Final Touch, as it seemed to smooth me out and removed the dry look I had. Too darned shiny or something.


I thought everyone used Protan and Dreamtan.


I use 6 coats of protan with 2 coats of Jan Tana competition tan. It looks good but takes forever. I was debating on trying Dream Tan but I'm scared to try anything new. I would like two know what everyone else likes also. -T


I first started using Pro Tan for a base but that crap stays on for too long after a comp. I now just work on getting a sun tan and then use Dream Tan the day of the comp. Once it's all over I use baby oil on the Dream tan to help remove it. Just apply and then wipe with a towel. Never had any probs.


I used to use Protan all the time and I agree that it does take forever to wash off...and it's a bitch to apply.

I tried Dreamtan for my last show and I was very pleased. I found I looked even better when I added a light coat of posing oil on top of that. Just be careful and make sure you have some dark trunks...or if you have light ones be super careful when putting dreamtan on...it gets everywhere!

Also...I agree with the post about Pro Tan smoothing you out...Dreamtan fixed this problem



Wow you guys are really making me think Dream tan might be the way to go. I never heard of anyone saying that Protan smooths you out, I did here that Dreamtan is kind of thick, I'm not sure if that's a rumor though. Do you use any base coat? Do you just put on one coat? Did you apply before or after you pumped up? Does it rub off easy? Sorry for all the questions I'm just paranoid. Thanks, Thad


contest paint ?


tanners, for the more bronzish look


I don't really like the color of Dreamtan. It looks too gold.


4-5 coats of protan applied from the thursday night to maybe a final coat on sat morning. I used final touch myself in the past and got great results. Cannot find it any more. Dream works well on my clients, but still need the base of protan to work properly. Almond oil also add a nice sheen without looking to oily.


Depends what number you use. #2 is the way to go. That stuff is as good as it gets in my opinion. #1 looks quite gold and is a better tan for the fitness girls.




Only one contest under my belt so far, but I used Pro Tan and Jan Tana.

They worked well, but I sure wish there was some way around the way it looks for the week or so following the comp!


The guys bring up a good point...#2 is the way to go for Dream tan. It does seem "thick" but I only put on one coat about 30 min before you go onstage and you're set. I would recommend pumping up after you have it on. Yes, it rubs off easily so you have to be careful (thats why I highly recommend dark trunks as its not as big of a deal if you smear some on them). I didnt use Pro Tan as a base coat and easily had as good a color as anyone else on stage. Hope this helps...


Thanks everyone! I'm doing 2 shows so I'm going to try Dream #2 on the first one and see how it goes. I'll probably use 4 coats of Protan as a base. Thanks, Thad


Whatever you do, avoid dyo-derm. That shit turned me yellow and stained my skin for 2 weeks.
I'm pretty white, and dream tan on top of pro tan worked for me.


Personally, I think that using a pro-tan base is overkill if using dreamtan. Dreamtan #2 is very dark and very thick. Pro-tan just leaves you with a nice orange tinge for the week following the show.
A good way of applying the tan is to put the dreamtan on by hand and then use a small paint roller to even it out. This comes in handy for last minute adjustments due to sweat streaks or bumping up against objects when pumping up.