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Bodybuilding Competition


Hello all

I am 27 years old,5ft11ins 242lbs @20% body fat

Been powerlifting for years with some success and have kept in reasonably good shape however recently a bodybuilder said i wouldnt be able to diet as strict as a bodybuilder or infact train with the intensity so decided to prove him wrong btw he was in my eyes one of those Ripped Guys who thinks 3years of training means you are a Pro...

Time to prove him wrong however dont know where to start :slight_smile: thats where i think you guys can come in...

What structure is best to lose bodyfat?In the old days i used to eat 4 meals spread out during the day containing fish/chicken/steaks if anyone could give me some good hardcore info that would be cool



Well you could start by using the search function and looking up past articles on here...there are plenty of good diets outlined on this site. Personally, what works best for me is some carb/calorie cycling...lots of protein, moderate carbs, and some light cardio...I keep it pretty simple but everybody is different. I shoot for 6-8 meals a day depending on the day...Keep carbs pre and post workout and you should be able to shed some bf.