Bodybuilding Competition Fight

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[quote]Dustin wrote:

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Is Roybot really Prof X?[/quote]

If we were the same person, I would not be seriously considering PM’ing him to use his senior status on this site to request that the mods check ZEB’s IP against several other accounts (some of which I’ve listed in this thread). If I was him, I’d have done it already. [/quote]

Zeb has gotten into debates with HH before, so unless HH likes to argue with himself, I’ll side with Zeb and HH being two different people.[/quote]

Links? Not that I don’t believe you; I want to see the nature of these ‘debates’ for myself. I know for a fact that he has backed himself with secondary personas before, without either persona interacting directly with the other.

Either way, IP info will prove or disprove what I say. [/quote]

Here is one thread. Page three is where it starts.

This second thread is much better and provides plenty o’ lulz. Just look at the title of the thread.

The sad part is that I just took the time to wade through HH’s posts (moar fail) to find these two threads.[/quote]

Those links are inconclusive in my experience. ZEB disagrees with HH but SUPER-T’s thread history shows him up as an unabashed HH ass kisser. How is it then that SUPER-T turns up here to support ZEB after being HH’s lap dog? And why did SUPER-T jump on this thread at the right time after hardly posting on GAL and never posting on the BB forum? It’s like a relay race of trolls.