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Bodybuilding Competition Fight




LOL - love how he grabbed a steel chair. Reminds of WWE.

Bring tha muthafuckin' Ruckus!


Oh, tha creatinezzz....


Wonder what was up with those two randoms going at it at the front of the stage.


Some of these guys don't have the highest IQ, you throw in dieting before the show which can make anyone irritable and just a little roid rage (Boo hoo roids don't do anything bad to you Zeb shut up) and bang you have some very inexpensive entertainment.



These are the kinds of retards that give the sport a bad rep.

What a bunch of fucking kids, fighting because they didn't agree with a judges decision.


I could kick there asses

and will



If you're a jerk before steroids you're going to be a jerk while using steroids.


!Yo Soy alpha!


I would have rather seen those figure competitors go at it.

Topless of course...




Haha what does one do when and oily man in a thong starts attacking you?


Brah he blatantly hit the 4Loko to get his pump on ...


It looked to me like he ripped up the check that he'd won. I wonder what the amount was.



That vid ended at the worst possible time... sigh... Latina figure competitors anyone?


They do seem to bring out the jerk in many people huh? As I said it is a combinatio of things. Almost like lighting a match near gasoline.


7 pesos


Wait...so because many people are jerks, steroids make many people jerks?

Even though I like bodybuilding, even I can admit that it often attracts some of the most self centered people on the planet...and steroids didn't cause that.

This is a bodybuilding contest that some of these guys literally give everything for. Because of that, I can understand why Flex Wheeler got pissed when he didn't win one year. Yeah, it is unprofessional...and yes, if you go off like that on stage, you are probably lacking some self control all around...but to blame steroids for that is ridiculous and just feeds into the same bullshit filing air waves.

I heard Nancy Grace going off about this once as if any time a guy gets angry, it is likely to point to steroid use.

Things like this are what help demasculinize the rest of us....because if you guys haven't noticed lately, in society, if you so much as get visibly upset about anything while carrying more muscle than most people, you get accused of this.

Thanks for being one of the sheeple, Zeb.


Hey same old straw man games huh? LOL

I agree, but it certainly brings out the worst in these self-absorbed idiots. And that's basically what I had said.

Steroids are the final straw in the very fragile personalities of some of these guys.

And thanks for not changing I wouldn't recognize you if you had. You still drag out the straw man argument, and still look silly doing it. You always were the best at that. Clearly no one is for the demasculization of the male. Where did I say or even imply that? How foolish to even suggest such a thing in my direction. You should know better yet you don't.

Bottom line: Steroids can cause some who are already "jerks" (insecure, self absorbed, hot headed etc.) to begin with to become practically intolerable. If you want to argue that point then be my guest, but stop this other nonsense.