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Bodybuilding.com Transformation


What is with these absurdly good BB.com transformations?! I can't even believe some of them!



Definitely had some help from T juice...




why? because they made good progress or because its BB.com?
edit: just noticed there is a three year gap between the photos, that probably has something to do with it


He added 60 pounds in 3 years, including what he would have gained through the process of growing and puberty?

You can add 27 in 6 weeks according to recent articles....


Nice physique, but like said, being 16 and underweight and giving yourself 3 yrs with T-levels kicking in, not hard to do if you train hard and eat right


Why do you say that? He was freaking 16 when he started lifting.. even someone in there mid 20's could do what he did with some hard work and dedication...


Training for 4 years and gaining 50lbs. 12.5lbs a year? Doesn't seem very far-fetched at all.


Good work.


Uh...yeah, not that remarkable.

But he was posing like a douche, one of those guys who thinks he's way-super-extra tough.


I know, I'm just jealous. I wish I had started when I was 16.


I like this one. She makes me happy in my pants.



oh my god

apparently theres a hot girl living inside every fat chick. they must decide to go in there during winter for shelter and then get trapped. although this one was lucky enough to have escaped.

in all seriousness though that chick is fucking hot.


Heaps of good transformations on BB.com

It gets crapped on by people here but BB.com is one of the best websites on the net.Im sure TC would give his left testicle to have the amount of traffic BB.com gets.


I love this one of her.


LOL. How does that even enter this conversation? Apparently, posing like a douche takes away the fact that this kid worked his ass off and made an amazing transformation.

It's a shame people just can't give credit where it's due.....


Second that shit.

Actually, it sounds pretty bad, but sometimes when I'm bored at work some fellow co-workers and I will try to give potential ratings to hot chicks. Like, if they lost weight, how good they'd actually look. You just see so many girls with great faces but gnarly fupas.


How did that even enter this conversation? Seriously. Apparently posing like a douche takes away the fact that this kid worked his ass off and made an amazing transformation.

It's a shame people these days can't just give credit where it's due.


Agreed. It has a very bad name here, mostly coming from the way people talk over there but there are some damned good physiques floating around over there.
No moderation is required to post though IIRC, so the sheer amount of stupidity and 'curl threads' is a bit overwhelming at times


There's a girl i work with that has such a pretty face, very pretty hair, and is pretty tall. She looks like she weighs over 200! I catch myself trying to decide how hot she would look if she lost the extra weight. I think she would be at least an 8.

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