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Bodybuilding.com - Stupid Shit


Anyone here who used to go to this site,or who still does?

I used to,before I found T-Nation,soon I was laughing at how amateurish their site and the vast majority of their articles were.

Bad spelling,poor editing,crappy explanations,bad science,shitty photos,gaping holes in their reasoning,random articles.....

By comparison to T-Nation,it seems they are writing in the sand with a stick,or at best scrawling on the walls with a crayon.

Post whatever you feel about it if you've been there,good or bad -give details,or just keep it short and sweet....


Ya, the stuff there seems to be of lower caliber to me. Its just like if you were to take muscle & fitness, or flex magazine and get your info from there. Thats why when I found T-Nation, i pretty much never went back there




I read a few posts that said bb.com had Layne Norton and others like him who are very helpful to nattys and other physique enthusiasts. I do not visit the site much so I would not know.


I used to go on it all the time. i check back to it sometimes too and i just noticed they had an article on the front page by a 15 year old tlaking about how to grow ur shoulders. His physique was nothing impressive and im pretty sure at 15 theres nohing tht qualifies him to write such an article.


bb.com is to T-Nation what cave paintings are to the sisteen chapel.


bb.com is to T-Nation what Miley Cyrus is to Megan Fox.


And I thought the product placement/advertising was bad on T-Nation.
It's fair enough I suppose,its mostly Biotest anyway.
But I just went on there to see if anything had changed,and its like no matter what you click on,a good 40% of the page is ads.It's ridiculous.

And the layout is so scrappy.They can't stay on topic for one page.
You click on on article and theres 10 ads,plus 4 or 5 big windows with links to other articles and polls and shit.
And what the fuck is with the page? they use like the middle third of the screen to cram all the writing in.so to read a page,you gotta scrooooooooolllllllll all the way down,it just doesn't make sense,the borders on either side are like 6 inches deep!!


jo3 your avatar is awesome I can't stop laughing. Bodybuilding.com try's to appeal to everyone I think while T-Nation is alpha in your face. If you really want to succeed you go with T-Nation because you don't have time for all the fluff of bodybuilding.com


There are gems here and there at bb.com but you have to go through tons of stupid shit before you find one. I still go there for the entertainment though.


Bodybuilding.com is the porch where the puppies play.

T-Nation is the yard with the big dogs.


The truth has never been spoken clearer! :slight_smile:


I go there to look at some new Jamie Eason pics from time to time :wink:




BB.com is simply much larger than T-Nation. They do showcase a lot of shows, and get a lot of interviews with great bodybuilders and people in the business (not as good as MD tho).

But the best thing about BodyBuilding.com by far is their BodySpace feature... that's a pretty valuable resource as far as finding someone with similar height/structure as you that has achieved the things you want, and finding out how they did it.... as well as getting to look at and learn from a bunch of huge guys, and the occasional fitness bunny for those of you that are creepy and like to stalk them.

Both T-Nation and BB.com use "bad science" and have "gaping holes in their reasoning" and so forth. LOL

Although I do think T-Nation is a bit more quality, it's probably due to the fact that they are just that much smaller and more manageable, but the biggest problem I have with the writing here on T-Nation is the ridiculous hyperbole, and the really pretentious tone of a lot of the articles.


Only reason I go to BB.com now is to check the "inspirational" woman on BodySpace! :wink:

As far as information and articles go, T-Nation just makes so much more sense.


love it


I've never been to BB.com, but am betting they have one thing (and probably only one thing) better than T-Nation: message boards that actually update your posts in real time.


That would be nice.


mileys hot :slight_smile: