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Bodybuilding.com is a Joke


i recently browsed through their forums and my god. none of them are passed 150 pounds and all have like 3% body fat. the sad part is people tell them they look "great." there's nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. i'm glad i discovered T-Nation.


and you think the average person on T-Nation looks any better?


welcome to T-Nation,bro.

here you'll get the real stuff, i'll say no other places can get so much real information for FREE!!!

but i think the site you mention is not too bad for beginners, because just like those muscle magazines, 3 sets of 8-10 reps is not a really bad idea, but after you reach a certain point, you need to progress to something that help you reach another level, and you can get those information HERE in T-Nation!!!

welcome again.


You're right and a little bit wrong: the forums and articles are, for the most part, useless. (Really? I should squat to gain leg mass? Thank you, BB.com!)

But, they do have an online store with a very wide selection and their coverage of pro and amateur bb'ing competetions are excellent.

Plus, they have an ongoing series of articles by an anonymous pro bb'er that tells all the nasty shit that inquiring minds want to know.


I think that the population here is probably just as full of skinny fuckers as BB.com, but I think the mentality here is a lot better.

At least here, most of the advice agrees and is well thought out. Over there, it's a fucking crapshoot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't anyone forum member write articles on that site? Imagine Mr Pushups writing articles for T-Nation...

Point is, this site probably has a much higher percentage of skinny fuckers that eventually graduate from being skinny.


One would like to think so, at least.


All I know is that I have not been very impressed by any of the bodybuilding.com readers I have met in reality.


Or, at least here they aren't coddled and lied to.


BB.com is overpowered with forum-whores who are super skinny, as this site is overpowered with forum-whores who are super fat.


Someday you'll find a forum that is overpowered BY forum-whores who are traditional martial arts practitioners.

Viva bruce lee!!!


What are you talking about? Everyone on an internet forum is a black belt and they'll kick your ass at the drop of a hat.


I'm not a blackbelt, but my stats are:

450 bench
650 squat
535 dead

and I'm 195 lbs @ 6' with about 5% bodyfat


And people at work call me Clark Kent.


I weigh half that and I have twice all those stats. And I'm a blackbelt.


I'd like to find a forum that is overpowered by whores. Now that would be nice! :wink:


Wow, me too!


In seriousness, I think T-Nation readers overall (over skinny and fat guys will be anywhere) tend to be more educated and proactive in their training/nutrition than other forums.


Seems like most of the really build dudes at my gym rock BB.com shirts. They also rarely stray from the Cybex/Nautalus room. Maby they're on to something?


I am one of these slowly graduating skinny fuckers.


Bodybuilding.com sucks except for the some of the live shows that show pudzianoski etc.