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Bodybuilding Child...Freak?

I saw on this program this 11 year old child that was really ripped…Does anyone know where you can get a link about him?

I think its very bad for this child to be brought up in such a shallow way.

So you think it’s bad, but for the freak aspect you want to know more?


if ur talking about the same boy as i think u are i think he is called little hercules, he was on ripply’s believe it or not. there is a site dedicated to him if u do a search im sure u will find it.

he has been given a clean bill of health from doc’s and can out lift any bodybuilder strong man when it comes to weight lifted in relation to body weight.


Quote: “With 1.5% body fat and good shape on his chest, triceps, and legs - they had never seen anything like him.”

1.5% body fat? Oh please… Dead people don’t even have that low of a body fat percentage until they’re like 80% decomposed heh.

Oh, here’s a better site:

Macaijah, yeah that BF measurement seems hokey. I tested my 4 year old son and he came up with a bogus number like that also using the 3 and 7 site method with my digital calipers. No doubt it’s a fault in the estimation/maths used to create a BF reading, sorta like how my 3 site reading is way low compared to reality.

Anyway, this kid is either one of those “early maturing” types, or just some total freak of nature, or both. That claim about college level math kinda goes along with that theory.
His face doesnt look old though, I was really expecting to see him looking like those people stricken with that disease that makes them age really fast.
I’ve never seen a kid with leg or ab development like that, just doesnt look right.

I mean look at this picture, if this isnt freakish I dont know what is…

Interesting to note that he doesn’t eat meat … must be downing the protein shakes.

Only homos don’t eat meat…he must be a homo, an 11 year old homo.

You just indirectly called Mike Mahler a homo.

with hair like that he is definitely a homo.

Way to add some quality elements to the discussion, Chris.

On the other hand, this seems wrong to me on so many levels. Are we sure this isn’t a dwarf or a midget or something? This kid has a massive mellon.


honestly i thought i heard something like that in the past.

Hes just a buffed, white, homo Webster.

That kid needs to be punched in the eye. I’ve heard of this sort of thing preventing someone from growing their full height- if he isn’t a midget I bet he never makes it over 5’0". Then his parents’ll be proud. They must be completely retarded.

I’ve seen him. His mullett is sweet.

and chrismcl with the quote of the year…

“Only homos don’t eat meat.”

ROFL. an instant classic.