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Bodybuilding Books

hi guys, bought Arnie’s encyclopedia yesterday and was wondering about other books that will help me/others to gain a good amount of knowledge about bodybuilding.

I think there is some really good information in the book but i want MORE.

For example the different types of protein in rice and beans mix perfectly together and makes a complete amino acid rating. Add milk/cheese and you have a high carb and high protein, low fat meal :slight_smile:

Here’s a great idea for a quick easy meal:
Wholegrain rice
Half tin of beans
Half chicken breast
Mixed veg

protein- 45g
carbs- 60g pro
fat- 10g

slightly over 500kcal :slight_smile:

Also he seems to favour low fat diets over ketogenic (think thats the name) diets favoured by alot of people these days. Thoughts??

i’d like to read arnie’s book one day.

and a teensy 500cal is not a meal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol this is true haha was just an example. I suppose you can add more for the extra kcal… i know i will ; )

there isn’t too many good books on bodybuilding nutrition…

i’ve learned a lot from dorian yates in paticular…he has some good interviews

chris aceto is also a good resource(he wrote some books you may want to check out)…he prepares pro bodybuilder’s for contests…he also has some free articles online i think…

thanks yea il definatly check those out :slight_smile:

Old, but there is some recipes in here. Funny story on part 2 to boot, ha.