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Bodybuilding at Olympics


Just pondering, why isn't bodybuilding in the Olympics and why should/shouldn't it be?
I'm sure you could find enough countries that could compete, and it is a sport, so why, why not


Subjective scoring system. Can't stand sports like that in the Olympics (although I'm not against bodybuilding).

And yes, there are already sports like that in the Olympics (gymnastics, synchronized swimming, seriously, what kind of sport is that??), but I don't think they should be in there either.

Plus the whole drugs issue; people would be so dubious of including it based on the reputation of bodybuilding. It would need to be, and all registered athletes within their country, on the drug testing list.

Clean up the sport, and get it into an Olympics for all those types of subjective rating sports. Call it the "Artistic Olympics" or something like that.


Drugs, end of story.


it's too subjective in my opinion


copious amounts of steroids? doesn't float in the Olympics. I know a lot of athletes do drugs at the Olympic level, but i'm sure it pales in comparison to bodybuilding. could change the rules though - then i doubt there would be much of a reason not to include it.


It's not a sport, it's a pageant...


drugs?, if it was in the olympics it would be tested like any other sport.


you take all the drugs out of the sport and see just how different the physiques look.


and then it would probably become more mainstream, and get more attention from the media




ya well the amount of muscle u have is prob so small thats why u feel that way


Come on Crod, you cannot deny the similarities....

They may prepare differently, but once the competition starts, a beauty pageant and a bodybuilding contest are pretty damn close, we just have flexing instead of answering questions about world peace.


Mannnn I really dont care if it's on the olympics or not but can we get some damn TV coverage other than from Muscular Development?!? Can we get some ESPN the Ocho or whatttt?!


Fuck the Olympics and fuck going mainstream. The sport/lifestyle is already eroding as it is.


Big 300 lbs men smiling and doing the robot. they better have football (AMERICAN) too.


The pageants should require the women to wear bathing suits the entire time also.


I think it could be good for bbing by decreasing the drug usage and making it safer for the competitors. Unfortunately it's, ya know, not really a sport...


As opposed to, say, oly lifting, the bodybuilding competitions are not sporting events...
The training is the sport/"athletic" part of bodybuilding.


They don't even have powerlifting...why would they allow bodybuilding?


i think they should have powerlifting.. but i dont think powerlifting is as widespread as bodybuilding