Bodybuilding, Arnold in SI Oct '74

From Oct 14, 1974 SI

A few gems from Arnold:

“Thanks to his extraordinary concentration in training, Arnold has achieved mental control over his bloodstream. He literally can command his biceps, or his abdominals, or his quadriceps, or whole groups of muscles, to engorge.”

and more…

“So he has been training like an underdog, pumping extra tons of iron, increasing his protein intake through ordinary foods and doubling up on vitamins. For the last six weeks he has also taken orally 15 mg of Dianabol, an anabolic steroid, each day. Schwarzenegger says that steroids do not build muscle, but may help sustain it while he is stripping down for definition. “Actually,” he says, “I think they are virtually worthless, but everybody uses them before contestsâ??so I do too.” Again, it is a matter of “insurance.””

Oh wow,… I had read others make reference to this interview,… supposedly upset a lot of folks (Arnold, Weider,… ) I’m actually printing it out now to read through. I love digging up older BBing stuff like this, thanks for the link.


Great link. Thanks!

“there were a few apparent homosexuals.” lololololz…the 70s