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Bodybuilding and Powerlifting?


Is there a way to put the 2 together at once?
I know guys have done it, but not everyone can be a Dorian Yates or Ronnie Coleman.


There, is but it's hard as fuck and there's a good chance you'd have to use AAS. You could always be a powerlifter with a good physique, like Kroc, Karwoski, Stan Efferding, etc. Usually, I just tell people to pick one. I have the utmost respect for bodybuilders, but I'm not a fan of prancing around on stage in a banana hammock. I wanna move as much weight as possible.



It can probably work to an extent but whenever you do 2 different things you'll have to make 1 a priority over the other at some times. I would think the timing of competitions would be important too if you did 1 of each a year 6 months apart no problem at all but a powerlifting meet 1 month before a bodybuilding show you might have to make a choice to take some lower lifts and not break your diet.