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Bodybuilding and Mass/Weight Gain


I have never done a bodybuilding style program for an extended period of time and I am kicking around this idea over the summer, just for fun. If I decide to do this it would be alot like CT HSS-100 program or around Poliquin's principles.

Here is my question, though. I have recently dropped about 20 pounds since January. I had finished my football career and decided I didn't want to way 250+ anymore so I dropped it. On this weight loss phase I did a Westside style program. I want to keep my weight in the 230 range for awhile and I'm a little worried that if I switch up to BBing style workout that my weight will start to go up too, which is something I don't want. At the same time I saw that CT used a BBing style workout during his "mutation" phase.

In short, if I start doing BBing style work will it adversily if the diet is in order?

Thoughts, please.


No. It shouldn't.

However, if you did start gaining weight on the new style routine, then just drop the calories a little until you level off and are no longer gaining.