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Bodybuilding and Layer System

CT I was curious how you feel about using the layers approach while training as a bodybuilder.

Obviously for most muscle groups the activation and gains are superior to results from a bodybuilding program, but do all muscles get enough stimulation to help achieve symmetry? Are there any suggestions you could make on attacking body parts that as a bodybuilder need to be almost “overdeveloped” (i.e. biceps/hamstrings) while using the layers system?

I am honestly not interested in training bodybuilders (as in those wanting to compete or build a competition-like physique). I did that a lot in the past and it was very unsatisfying.

For that reason I have not thought about adapting the layer system to building a competition physique and likely never will.

Don’t get me wrong, the layer system builds more strength and overall muscle size than snything else I experienced. But it is not designed with competitive bodybuilding in mind where you have to work on a specific look that I do not necessarily find to be the best look one can shoot for.