BodyBuilding and heads

Hi guys, how are ya.
This may sound like a really dumb question, but is there any correlation between bodybuilding and head shape?
Its just that i know there are tons of guys with what you’d called a skinny kind of head.But most bodybuilders i know have broader ones, with more defined jaws,etc. Could it be due to increased blood pressure in the brain or am i just plain wrong??

Maybe those with a big frame are just more drawn to BBing? Would you say that playing basketball makes you tall and thin? No, but tall and thin guys are drawn to it because it suits their bodies. That said, I have read where GH can change the shape of the face if abused, as the pros do.


I agree with TEK, it’s probably just a causality issue going on. Either that or just a funny coincidence. If your heads skinny, STEEROIDS won’t make it a pumpkin. Mmmm…pumpkin pie!

It is not coincidental. The condition is known as Acromegaly and is characterized by an increase in the overall size of the skull as well as a protrusion of the jaw. The syndrome is more precisely the result of the abuse of HGH.