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Bodybuilding and football training at same time?

What is the best way to go about this. Right now I’m doing dead, bench, squat, and cleans, as well as leg raises, wide pullups, and rows. What else do I need to gain the strength and agiility of an ox mixed with a cheetah and the looks of a pro bodybuilder?

“Form follows function.”

With consistent work using squats, deadlifts, benches, overhead presses, cleans, snatches and the various Olympic movements, you will eventually build a nice body.

It will take more time and the right mix of genetics (Look at Christian Thibadeau), but you can build an impressive physique and remain athletic.

Also, you could add a few sets of “bodybuilding” type exercises at the end of your workouts to elicit hypertrophy. Check out Renegade Training. But remember, if playing football, your main goal is to be athletic and meet the demands of the sport. “Looking good” should be more of a side benefit.

Exactly, looking good would be a side benefit, but I want to know exactly what I need to do to look the best I can without losing any athleticism. What kind of bodybuilding workouts are recommended after my power workouts? Keep in mind, this is my workout:

day1: bench
day2: squat
day3: dead
day4: power clean
day5: off

I personally would like to lift more than four days a week. Would that be alright?

Look into Renegade Training. Why train more than 4 days a week? There is no benefit to weight training more than that! It may actually be counterproductive. Four days of weight work and two to three days of sprinting, conditioning or active rest would probably be best.

squat dead, then power clean on consecutive days??? You can’t be doing that unless you got serious genetics and sauce.

Look into renegade training. You want all your hypertrophy to be functional if you are playing football.

you should look into splits like these

Day 1: Explosive movements- Heavy. Plyo, speed work
Day 2: Core Movments Power\speed.
Agility work
Day 3: 0ff
Day 4: Explosive movements-Power\speed.
Plyo speed work.
Day 5: Core movments-heavy. w\ Agility work

Or something like

Upper Body speed
Lower body strength
Upper body strength
Lower body speed

If you want to add bodybuilder type work I would suggest just doing accesory sets of Bis, tris, etc.

I think diet will have the greatest influence on the way you look however.


I would go with Nate and look into ordering the actual renegade program from Coah Davies. I am currently running a bunch of university players through the program and the results have been very impressive; especially in the speed and agility department.

I myself just finished my university career as well as being with a pro team during the pre-season. If there is one thing that I could do over, it would be spending a hell of a lot less time in weight room and way more time on the track working on my speed and agility. Don’t get too hung up on getting the ‘bodybuilder look’. With PROPER football training, this look will come.

I myself got way too hung up on looking like a body-builder and posting big numbers in the weight room. I achieved these goals - as a 5’9", 212 lbs (@ about 6 percent body fat)strong safety, I benched 365, squatted 505, and cleaned 308. However, in retrospect it took away from my potential as a football player.

If I could do it all over again, I would have played under 200 lbs and spent a lot more time focusing on my speed. Live by the mantra ‘speed kills.’ Whether you are an O-lineman or a corner back, speed will get you a lot farther in the game than strength ever will.

you should really specify what your gaols are what type of position you play level ect I know of many foot ball players who play at collegiate level that use the two on one off two on two off they say it works wonders maybe you should check it out
chest tris shoulders mon
squat, power cleans tue
wed- off
deads pullups rows biceps thurs
agility plylos-friday
sat sun -off
the biggest factor will be not overtraining and eating right- peace

diet diet diet. do a search on the forum for the poliquin diet. poliquin puts all his atheletes on it, and david boston could easily compete in a BB show. a buddy of mine, a lacrosse goalie, was a little bit chubby when he first started training specifically for lax, started the diet, and now is totally ripped, and about 5lbs heavier then when he started at probably 15% bf.