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Bodybuilding and Alcohol?


Personally, I don't have any bodybuilding goals that can overcome my desire to have the occasional beer. In moderation, alcohol won't have a big effect on your training (though any effect it does have will be negative).. what's your opinion guys. does bodybuilding and alcohol mix?


So many threads about this already.



If you have already decided that alcohol wont affect your gains, why are you asking?
If you have decided that you wont stop drinking regardless of whether or not it affects your gains, why do you care about our opinions?


I wouldn't lift while I was drinking if I were you.


I rarely drink because of my physique goals. Actually, the only time I drink is when I'm on vacation or something similar and it's just a clusterfuck of bad decisions physique- and otherwise.

I have a stressful job - life, actually - and I'll often say, "I'm definitely having a drink when I get home tonight." But when it comes down to it, if I'm going to cheat on my diet, I'd rather have pasta than alcohol. Just not worth the extra carbs & calories.

I don't know if that's the sort of answer you were looking for, but that's how I view alcohol in relation to my goals.


From a scientific standpoint, alcohol inhibits fat metabolism by decreasing lipolytic enzyme function.

The physiological effect would be twofold:
1. Decreased fat breakdown, leading to increased levels of bodyfat
2. Increased protein breakdown, due to decreased fat metabolism while not changing total metabolic rate.

In terms of the effect alcohol has on your physique, I would imagine it would be dependent upon the amount you drink and the frequency with which you drink. Personally, I find that having a few drinks once a week has had an imperceptible effect on my physique. Like any other decision, the decision to drink should probably just be based on perceived costs to benefits - it may be good for someone who wants to train and have a nice physique, but at the same time live a somewhat normal life. It may be bad for someone who wants to compete in bodybuilding.

In my opinion, unless you are so focused on your physique goals that you aren't willing to compromise them for social, recreational, or personal means, then don't worry too much about infrequently consuming moderate amounts of alcohol.


I don't drink, period.

Next time your thinking about starting a thread, use the search function before doing so.


Good for you.. cheating on diet it 100 times better than drinking.. Did you quit drin king? (I drink moderately during the weekends.. I also eat a lot when i drink.. I feel a bit tired when i workout next day, but i work hard and have a clean diet. I think reducing the fried foods with alcohol is a good idea..)


thanks 4 the info..I just have a few drinks during the weekends.. I feel bad the next day during workout, but we have to enjoy life..


Your opinion means a lot.. I'm trying to reduce the frequency of consumption to a very low level.


I need to find the study again for specifics, but alcohol also reduces your test levels by a significant % for up to something like 36 hours.


what is the point of this thread? you ask for peoples thoughts and advice on drinking and then ignore them all?

why did you even start this thread?


I apologize.. I will check it the next time i start a new thread.


I'm new to this.. will check it the next time..


Interesting, I've never had morning wood after a night of drinking...ever. I'm only 20 so it has to be the drinking that's causing hormone levels to drop during sleep.

Also, no homo.


To paraphrase Jim Jeffries:

If you don't drink you're a boring cunt and all of your stories end the same way: "and then I got home..."

But seriously, its obviously not good for your physique. One would not wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy and then brush one's teeth with a bottle of jack if one were on the eve of a competition. That being said, if you are like most of the people on this site and are not interested in competing at a high level, a couple drinks every once in a while will probably do more good than harm in the long run--for your sanity/social/sex life, not for your physique. Dry parties are lame as shit.


Well if you ain't going pro, it's ok to live it up every once in awhile.


Im allowed 3 beers a week. Usually one on friday night, and 2 on saturday.

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Don't know bout everybody else, but I'm horny as fuck the morning after drinking. Since it's hard for me to reach my caloric goals the additional cals don't hurt me a bit.

There is a difference between getting smashed and getting a nice buzz. If I drink too much it fucks up my digestion and throws everything off.

Summary: Drink a couple beers


U r right bro.. dry parties are like shit.