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Bodybuilders: Unfunctional Mass Monsters



Old, you should probably stick to eating and going to the Gym because this posting business isnt working for you.


Cool video, but this guy hardly constitutes a 'mass monster'. I'd say he's 215, 220 tops. I recall Thomi Thorvi(something - can't remember his exact last name) doing flips n stuff onstage. Other guys weighing 250+ contest time have done similar stunts, so it is possible, but I'm sure they get a hell of a lot more winded than you or I would.





roelly winklaar is a perfect example, when i went to the aus grand prix last year he did a flip at the end of his posing routine.

This guy I believe competes as a super heavy weight stu. Antoine(Spelling?) did really well at the arnold amatuers, He has a great physique and as long as he doesn't fuck himself up doing backflips should become a pro in the next couple of years.


he weighted 257lbs (at 0:09 you can see it)



this (i think) is antoine from tricks tutorials!!!!

the dark haired guy from this vid, now hes a bit oldera and bigger


Clearly he is taking steroids harvested from the testes of dead gymnasts and acrobats...that's the only explanation. No person with that much muscle mass should be able to even clean himself properly.


I can do that but I don't wanna.


Yea! Ummm, me too!


Last time I tried that I woke up naked by a river.






more antoine valiant:




Antoine has gotten worse at tricking as he has gotten more into bodybuilding.

I have been following him for about 6 years, since I first started tricking.

more from back in the day


lol @ "tricking"


Damn. I just know I couldn't do that without breaking my face.


What is Juji doing these days?


Hahahahahahahaha yea I take that as laying on your back with your heels towards the sky. :slight_smile:


Juji has kinda disappeared, he isnt running the main tricking forum these days and he has very little to do with the community. Tricks Tutorials is still running but it is a shadow of its former self.

Apparently he is more into his lifting these days which seems to be a trend among a lot of tricksters.

Its funny how previously there were no strong tricksters, where as now there are a multiple tricksters out there pulling 500lb+ deadlifts, Squatting 450lb+ and Benching into the 300lb range and these numbers keep going up.