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Bodybuilders Under 5'6


This thread is dedicated to the iron dwarfs of the sport... past and present. Some of the greatest physiques of all time fall under 5'6", and I'll start with Danny Padilla (5'2").

Man, look at those shredded quads!


About time we give a shout out to short people :wink:

I’d be interested if people would post the weight as well, if you happen to know it.





Francis Benfatto



I’ll be following this thread. I’m 5’4" tall lol so I’m a short bastard



not sure how tall this man was.

Talk about posing tho. Kai Greene needs to take note imo… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



another great short bber.



Imo the greatest of the short category.


I can’t wait for his comeback. I honestly feel he has a great shot at beating Henry for the 202 and under O.

I think if he comes in the condition of this vid then he might have it. No knocks on henry tho…the man is a stud too.


DAYUM! Gerdy is on fire! Lee Priest came to find immediately. Id like to meet the dood one day.


Seeing guys like that makes me wish I was a few inches shorter so I didn’t have to put on as much mass to look huge lol




Francis Benfatto


Danny Padilla


Eddie Giuliani


Mohamed Makkawy


Lee Labrada


Franco Columbu


Dexter Jackson


Dex is under 5’6? I had no idea.


[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
Dex is under 5’6? I had no idea.[/quote]

I could have swore he was 5’8. Or maybe that’s Johnnie O and I’m confusing the two.