Bodybuilders Training Chest (Vid)                                                                Another case where I found a good video and want to pass it on to some of you beginners like myself. The reason I'm posting this in the bodybuilding forum is because it is specifically for the sport. I also find it refreshing to know that what Im doing in time, will work for me just like it worked for these guys 20 years ago. 

One interesting thing I’m noticing in the vid, is that they sort of have some inward inclination on their dumbells while lifting.

Maybe it helps to target the chest more?
Even if they’re not doing it consciously?

Anyone knows something about this?

Chris Duffy said in the video that when you bring the dumbells closer together your taking some of the stress off the shoulder and focusing it on the chest.

I love the big pump I get in my chest when I do dumbells. In my class when everyone is crowding around the one barbell bench like flies on shit, Ive got me and my training partner doing the dumbell bench on the the other side of the gym.

bringing dumbells closer together will put more stress on your triceps. Chris Duffy was on boatloads of anabolics.