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Bodybuilders Sprinting?


Hello. Me and my friend had an argument whether big bodybuilders (like Coleman, Radzowinki or whatever that strongman is called, Cutler and those) could run really fast for a short time. I think they can, because of their big muscles. But do anybody have any clips with a really big bodybuilder sprinting or doing something else like that? Thank you.


i doubt they are all fast. but then again it depends what you think fast is. ten miles an hour is f'in smoking for a turtle...


Gail Devers (Olympic track athlete for women's) has a brother, Parenthesis Devers (yes, that's his name) who is a competing bodybuilder now attempting to get his pro card. He regularly trains with sprints and this guy's legs are HEEYYOOGE. The genetics in that family are ridiculous. I haven't seen any times on him, but I have seen him train before and he is not slow despite weighing over 240lbs.

There is circulating video of Kevin Levrone running track against Dwaine Chambers. You can find that here:



It all depends on the specific bodybuilder. It has to do with how they are training essentially. I would bet Levrone had done sprinting prior to this exhibition. But if you took somebody like Coleman, who is even larger then Kevin, you would see muscle size working against him for sure.

Bodybuilders develop all areas of there body through strength training like a sprinter in some respects I suppose, there's no reason why they couldn't be decent out of the blocks.

I would say the strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski you were talking about, would beat nearly every bodybuilder of equal size in a 60m-100m sprint. He trains his CNS much similar to a sprinter, he's also a terrific athlete in many aspects. But don't expect any of these guys to even challenge an actual sprinter, being good at sprinting requires just that, lot's of sprinting!


LOL, 'because of their big muscles' made me laugh.

Having spent some time around some fairly elite athletes, I'd have to say that sprinting speed is probably 90% genetic, and 10% training.

The fact that Parenthesis Devers (that's fucking hilarious, by the way) can run fast probably has little to do with the fact that he's developed impressive musculature through bodybuilding, but rather primarily because his last name is Devers.

That said, however, the fast-twitch dominant fibers that are so dominant in great sprinters have also been shown to be very dominant in elite bodybuilders, so assuming a guy like Tom Platz could actually perform a sprinting stride with quads his size, I bet they'd be pretty fast.


Looks at some professional running backs. Many of them could compete as bodybuilders and are still huge. Look at michael pittman for example. He has what, like 22 inch guns?


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And not to be a total hijack, I think some of the older school bbers would have been pretty fast. Many of today's freaks, I think not.


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I'd agree with the contention that bber's and sprinters have much the same genetic makeup. Has the OP ever seen shots of Maurice Greene and other 100 M Olympic sprinters? Many of those guys could practically step right off the podium and onto the bodybuilding stage.

Clearly all that muscle doesn't seem to slow THEM down too much.


I can't remember off the top of my head, but Mo Green is like 5'9" 175lbs.Ben Johnson was about the same, and both of those guys look WAY bigger than their listed weights. The heaviest sprinter I can think of was the kid who played ball for Florida, I believe his name is Gatlin and he's about 2 bills.


Maurice greene being a larger sprinter is still only 5'9" 180 pounds. Current world record holder Asafa Powell is 6'3" 193 pounds. Not nearly large enough to compete with today's bodybuilders.

I save hundreds of sprinting images. I'll post some up of the most muscular sprinters for anybody thats interested. It's very hard to find the accurate weight of sprinters. It's a stat that doesn't really concern them I suppose. Most weights you find on the net is from there college days.

Here's Jon Drummond, noted for his excellent starts.


Jon Drummond Again.


Jason Smoots.


Leonard Scott


yeah look at Some of the Defensive lineman in the NFL.

BUt they have been competing explosively for a long time.

I remember when Jevon Kearse came into the league, he was 275 lbs and ran a 4.5 forty yard dash. That is lighting quick.

Look at David Boston also huge and fast.