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Bodybuilders Powerlifters and Weightlifters, What Are You


So I have been thinking about this, There 3 types of lifter Bodybuilders Powerlifters and Weightlifters and of course the social lifters but fuck them.So I want to know what type of lifter all of you are and Im gonna explain my feeling on the 3.

This obviously doesnt apply to all

Bodybuilders do more isolation work, try to work on seperation and definition and it seems they hangout more in the 8-12 12-15 rep range

Powerlifter focus on the big 3, do lower reps and dont seem to worry to much about defenition or things like arms and abs.

Weightlifters do a very wide variety of things while trying to get bigger and stronger but not worrying about doing a show or any type of strength comp they just lift to lift and look and feel good.

Im a weightlifter,I would do a strenth comp but I dont have what it takes so I just lift to lift and try to look like I lift.

if anyone disagrees with my description sorry it was just a quick over view and I dont mean to piss anyone off over it.


D - all of the above.


weightlifing is a sport of it's own. I would seperate bodybulding into two catagories, "I just want to be fucking huge", and "I want to be fucking huge, and step on a stage ripped as all hell"



By your definition it seems Bodybuilders and Weightlifters are the same thing. Besides i don't see the point of this thread? But whatever


Actually, they do worry quite a bit about abs, just not usually whether or not they're visible.

And, last I checked, strong tris are necessary for a big bench, and they also happen to be located on arms.

Carry on....


I'm a power-builder.

I primarily focus on bodybuilding, but I use lower rep ranges (4 and below) on the final sets of my exercises. I also have the desire to deadlift, bench, and squat insane numbers.

ALso I think some of the strongest posters on this site are bodybuilders. Makes me wonder.


Donde esta la biblioteca, Pedro?


La biblioteca estan aquel delante de la libreria a la izquierda, Jose.

Donde estan el bano? yo nescesito lavar me boca guey


From an old "Alphabet of manliness" article:

Bodybuilder: a weightlifter who's too weak to be a powerlifter

Powerlifter: a weightlifter who's too fat to be a bodybuilder


I'd say powerlifting myself.
I care more about my 1RMs than my appearance.
But that doesn't mean i don't care about appearance at all.

I guess that classifies me as more weightlifter than anything?


stereo types!? Ed COAN was ripped last year at the USPF nationals and still squated like a pro. You could definately see abs.




I am going for the ripped-strong ... I focus on strength and power as well as my diet


Does it really matter? All three incorporate similar techniques and training programs to try and obtain their goals.


Please pass the popcorn.


I second this notion.


Really?? Oh well in that case...Really??

This is the bodybuilding forum right? I just wanted to make sure I didn't accidentally click on strength sports where it looks like the powerlifters and such hang out.


Besides the fact body builders get into gay suit and pose. Power lifers move mass wieght and have the mass muscle to pose if they dieted down but are above posing. Yea it really does not matter.


I'm a power-lifto-strong-builder-grappler.