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Bodybuilders in Edinburgh, Help


Hi I am looking for budybuilders in or around Edinburgh who is willing to help a newbie get into bodybuilding to help me reach my target of getting huge and competing. if anyone is interested in helping me please contact me. Many thanks


Hi Alan, I was just wondering what gym you are going to. If you are serious about getting huge, you need to be in the right environment. Places like Bannantynes are never going to give you the edge to reach your goals.

A good bodybuilding gym is also a great place to meet potential training partners too. If you go regularly you will get talking to other guys who want the same things as you and most lifters will be happy to help out. Just don’t ask them in their 4th set of 12 leg extensions.

Also its worth working with a trainer to get you started on the basic lifts. You need good technique before you can go heavy and this takes time and practice but your body will thank you.


Hi currently not at any gym as I stay in a village called Winchburgh just outside edinburgh near the airport. but do want to fing a good bodybuilding gym so I can get into bodybuilding and reach my goals. Any good trainers willing to help a newbie out would be good.


I’ve been to Virgin Active in the Omni-Centre a few times. There’s all kinds of people training there from cardio bunnies to meat heads, but they have loads of equipment. I know a couple of the trainers there personally from uni and they are strong, knowledgeable guys. Not sure if they are all like that though!

Edinburgh Uni also has a great facility at the Pleasance, and I think there’s some serious lifters there, too.

Heriot Watt has a good performance gym too, with 6 power racks, bumper plates, etc. just outside the city on the Riccarton campus. There’s a HUGE strongman trains there and he is always ready to share his knowledge (he loves getting people on Russian squat routines!).

You could also try asking the bouncers next time you’re in town on a night out, as long as they’re not too busy and you’re not too pissed! Almost all of them train somewhere and there’s a few serious bodybuilders. That’s how I tend to find gyms etc. when I’m in a new city, actually.


Hi thank you for the advice, I will make sure to follow up on this info.


Maybe drop a note in Rattlehead’s log to see if he can get you some info.

I think he is or was in Scotland somewhere.


Hi I will make sure to send him a note. many thanks for the advice.


Hey dude, I’m situated in Ayr so can’t really personally help all that much except for lifting/nutrition advice all the other guys here can offer.

Saying that, several friends that used to live in Edinburgh high recommend the Edinburgh Uni gym if you can get access to it.

I’m more than happy to offer any advice I can though, so don’t sweat asking!


Hi I will make sure to message you for advice. Many thanks