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Bodybuilders from Buffalo?

So I was just scraping off the ice from my window and thought, “I do this every fucking day, summer is 1 month, and it rains half the time anyways.” Buffalo kinda blows. I was just thinking, has anyone come out of buffalo that was worth a shit in the bodybuilding world or is anyone up and coming?

if u had friends… youd know buffalo is a SICK place for parties and sluts.

stop making excuses and go get a blowjob u homo

I went to undergrad in Albany, at as a college student, it totally rocked… despite the crappy weather most of the year. Still, looking back (as an adult?), I’d hate to live there. Despite being NY’s capital, it’s a real run down town. Except for the Govt buildings, you’d expect a little more I guess.

I’ve actually been thinking about moving in a few years myself. It’s just not easy to make ends meet in the NY Metro area. My rent and utilities alone costs about 2 weeks of my salary (of course I make shit -lol).


buffalo and new york new york are uggglllyyy cities

oh and niagara falls

Well nothing says classy like Clifton Hill on the Canadian side :-p

Buffalo’s a cool city and the girls there are great.

And if you aren’t finding that…you must not be looking very hard.

haha clifton hill is special i will agree haha.