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Bodybuilders Don't Believe Strength is Necessary?


U guys should check out the thread where a new guy thats 6-2 185 and squats 145 and doesnt deadlift at all is advised by most that he doesnt need to strength train to build new muscle and gain weight. Think its strength or hypertrophy first I believe, one guy said the 5x5 program was useless for gaining size, basically the most time proven by champs program ever and thats the one he criticized im still lol...


Over the years, I learn to just pity these people and move on with life.


Nobody said that. They simply said train for your goals. Dude wants to be a physique/fitness model. People suggested he focus on progression on the big movements, and then supplementary lifts should be in the 8-12 range while focusing on the pump and MMC. Stop trolling please.


If you used a 5x5 program except you made the reps 10 then you would put on a lot of muscle if diet was in tact. This could actually benefit you if you ever decided to strength train in the 5 or fewer rep range because of the leverage improvements from the hypertrophy rep range.


lol ^ you're seriously dumb

he could do an actual bodybuilding program and achieve more hypertrophy therefore giving him better leverages in the big lifts thusly giving him the desired end result of his training


This thread is retarded.



Doing a 5x5 program setup but using hypertrophy rep range is a bodybuilding program you idiot.


5x10 squats, bench, and military will not make you look like a bodybuilder ever




A baseless assumption.


Those are the only exercises I do (along with deads,pull ups, and rows) and I look like how I do in my avatar.

I don't think we should ever bash bodybuilders, they have different goals than we do and they still manage to be pretty damn strong most of the time. Also, I think everyone that commented in that thread agreed that he needed to get stronger.


Lol and OP, I just realized youre the guy that advised that kid to do a speed day. I dont think you really know what youre talking about.


Bodybuilders should be bashed. They train to appear to look better than other men by being judged by other men. The style and rep ranges they train in can be beneficial to someone who trains for strength however.



By the way....this is the powerlifting forum...take your bleep out of here


You have accomplished nothing in terms either strength or physique. You are in no position to judge anyone.


I'm in a position to judge whoever or whatever I want and voice my opinion about on this forum...you should try thinking before you pop off...I don't fully blame you I understand it is a cultural thing


You seem dumb so I will type this slowly for you.

No one cares about your opinion on matters of strength or size because you are weak and small.


god i love these threads. turns into a pissing contest and people get so offended.


damn, you look great dude

and I agree, I see bodybuilders doing a lot of heavy lifting and powerlifters doing a lot of hypertrophy work, the two are only mutually exclusive online