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Bodybuilder's Chile

I whipped up a batch of “Bodybuilder’s Chile” today as printed in the new paper issue of T-mag. Great stuff and easy to make. Nice to be eating something besides tuna and oatmeal! Props to Steve Berardi!!

Yeah I whipped up a batch on the weekend. Mmmmm good! I put in 1/2 an onion as well to give it a little more flavour.

Is it possible to get the paper issue of T-mag outside of the US? i’m from England and i’d love to get my mitts on a copy…
Can someone post the recipe here please?
Cheers, Stu.

Steve Berardis recipe for Bodybuilders Chile is also in the online version of T-MAG, Issue 153 Recipes for Success.

stuey, i managed to get one from a GNC, not this issue, but worth asking them.