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Bodybuilder's Buns of Steel


Anyone know who this is?

Seems like a Yo-dawg meme: Yo Dawg, we heard you like butt muscles so we took your butt muscles and put butt muscles on your butt muscles.


No clue but from what I hear striated glutes is how you know you're ready for a BB show, that guy is in crazy condition.


Fuck that is gross.


I think If you looked at any BB's Ass when hes in contest shape it looks like that. So nothing really new here move along...


Fuck...now I'm going to have nightmares.


I'm right there with you, man.


holy shit!


I am actually really impressed with his development and condition.

That dude busted his ass to gross you out, and I'm going to assume he is proud of it.

Good work whoever that may be.

(Pun intended.)


That guy has no choice but to shit bricks.


I like this look.


I can't many babes that would like that look. Ok, the freaks would.
Thumbs down, clown.


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^^ Stefano's moved to Florida.


Actually,I got it from /fit/ on 4chan but I remember seeing it on here once before. Tell that guy im very impressed!


Me too, his conditioning is great.

Hats off to him, and if he has a prep guy, to the prep guy too.


the back on that guy is immense

does not look human


That's cause he's not human Duh!

He's a very rare Tan Rhinocerous. I think they live in South America or something.



For a moment I thought I was looking at someone's front side, which made the entire picture disturbing on a whole new level.

Props to him, though, I wouldn't mind giving those cheeks a squeeze.


Tell me you didn't recognize him from the ass shot. lol....