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Bodybuilders & Big Guts?


Excuse my ignorence but howcome for say..ronnie colemen has that big belly eventhough bodyfat is so low??


most people attribute that to the use of growth hormone as a steroid(gh gut), it's a powerful muscle builder/fat reducer...but it's not like you can tell it to only make your biceps grow, the abs are muscles too...so they too will grow....i've also heard that it can cause facial bone growth as well as inner organ growth when overdoing it...so there you go


So is it possible to do lots of ab work and trigger the muscular growth in the area that your belly will look too big/dumpy? not as extreme as people on massive GH of course..


From what I've heard, the internal organs also grow with GH and attribute to the gut.


Yes this is true.




Exactly, it's hypertrophy of the visceral organs, not the ab muscles that gives "GH gut".


Well the ab muscles DO grow also, both contribute to the "gut."


Yes it is possible. This is why vacuums are important. Many people hypertrophy/strenghtnen their abdominals, but do not strengthen their intraabdominal wall (I know thats the wrong name, I forgot what it was called though.) Vacuums are important if you want to keep your abs flat (as opposed to a PLer who would use them as an advantage for benching) because they "pull them into your body" for lack of a better way to put it.

I know this post sounds retarded and uneducated, so if anyone can use the correct terms/names it would be greatly appreciated.


To add to what others have said, the fact that they don't do a lot of "core" training, or training that strenthens the transverse abdominus (TA) adds to the protrusion.

The TA is like an internal corset.


Sorry got me lost for a second, but "vacuum" meaning?


Let's not forget that Coleman has a base as a powerlifter. I am sure GH contributes much of it, but look at most powerlifters; they are thick all over, including the midsection.
This comes from heavy lifting, squats and deadlifts. They place stress on the core muscles, thickening them. This may not be the best thing for appearances, but a thick strong center is a must for heavy lifting.


Another reason is malnutrition. Yes, lack of nutrition. Eat all the Doritos and Hot Pockets your body can handle, and you'll still lack nutrition. That is why Ethiopian kids are seen on TV with distended bellies sticking out past their toes. Somehow it causes a fat storage around the internal organs which presses the abdomen forward, creating the "beergut" look. Not saying that's the whole reason, but a portion of it in regards to the fat gut of BBers that are seen. It is likely actual beer gut too.


lol. You think bodybuilders, even the drug-fueled mass monsters' diets are really that poor?


i have seen the malnurished children on TV that you are talking about, and their lack of nutrients is the reason for their bellies, god bless them, but i seriously doubt this is whats going on with bodybuilders. the use of GH is much more probable, like someone said above, this stuff can make the jaw bone of a 35 year old man, well out of puberty, start growing again.


Vacuum is when you suck in your abs as much as you can, usually sets are for about 15 seconds, rest, repeat.

This is zane doing a vacuum:


It's not fat storage.


Stomach vacuum. This is an abdominal exercise involving breathing in, expanding the chest, exhaling all the air while sucking in the gut, and holding it for about 20 seconds.


Ronnie Coleman does not have a beer gut. Nor does he suffer from malnutrition.


Stop typing.