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Bodybuilders Are Pansies


K first off, I'm no bodybuilder but people know me as the guy who spends a lot of time trying to be one.
Anywho, what really annoys me is when I go somewhere and people make the comments about how bodybuilders can't fight worth shit. They'll start talkin about how they could kick the shit out of Ronnie Coleman or anybody else.

I dunno, maybe I'm just doing a little vent but it's just annoying. Usually I don't care, I just heard it a bunch of times in the last few days. But seriously, NO SHIT they can't fight. They aren't designed to fight. Pisses me off when the only thing out of some people's mouths revolve around fighting.


Sounds like those people really rattled you.


Huh? Ronnie coleman may not be able to fight very well... he may be slow and he may not have a lot of technique... but the guy can deadlift 800 lbs. He gets a hold of them, they're choked out. End of story.

Unless these guys are UFC competitors, they probably wouldn't want to meet Ronnie in a dark alley.


Sheer brute force certainly does play a certain role in most fights...

Though as you observed, bodybuilders do just that; bodybuild. Fighters do just that, they fight. Bodybuilders wouldn't be amazing fighters, fighters wouldn't be amazing bodybuilders, big deal. Like that should surprise anyone. Each has their pros and cons.


I'll put average joe vs a normal bodybuilder any day of the week.

Can a bodybuilder fight better than a pro boxer? Probably not... it's called common sense... many people lack in this department.


Better yet is the "bodybuilders arent strong for their size."


hahaha i love that one, or when people try and compare the weight they lift too what im lifting, as if being bigger changes whats on the bar

favorite is a friend i go with occasionally tries to make excuses for the lack of weight he puts up(you can lead a deer to water but you cant make it drink the water) and then proceeds to tell me its like you benching (spits out a random number)

best response is when i bring up the fact i dip more and chin up more with weight attached

he also uses the excuse that he cant squat because itll hurt his knee's(another excuse because he doesnt want to take a hit to the ego)

doesnt deadlift, refuses to do barbell bent over rows because it looks gay, doesnt want to get to "big" and thinks traps look stupid

oh while im on a roll he proceeds too say if the person doesnt have the body he wants(a lean 70kg) he wont listen to them as they wont know how to achieve his goals

yes there are some idiots in my gym sadly majority of them seem to hover around me


mariusz pudzianowski looks like a bodybuilder yet was a competetive boxer. Sure they won't beat a pro fighter thats obvious, they train to fight. Yet average joe vs average joe the bigger and stronger guy is going to win more often then not. Even if your 135lb fighter who does some martial arts, chances are you will still lose against a 300 lb monster.


Doesn't mean that they can't pick people off the ground and throw them head first into a wall.

I always wanted to do that.


Most bodybuilders won't have to fight. You would be surprised how far intimidation gets you.

This argument has been beat to death, however. Chances are, if you put a guy with 20" arms and a 400+lbs bench press up against some little guy that took a few Taibo and BJJ classes, the bigger guy is going to win.

For some reason this pisses off little guys so you get comparisons of bodybuilders to pro fighters. That is like degrading Serena Williams because, while she can hit a tennis ball, she can't do a full roundhouse kick with precision.


yeah, then theres the fact if any one fights a bodybuilder on the ground, the 250+ pound guy is going to snap your bones like twigs.


Well yeah that's what they say and it's beyond stupid.
Comparing a pro fighter to a pro bodybuilder saying who would win. Well no duh, any pro fighter would whoop a BBer's ass.

But it's just like, WHY make the comparison, they do two completely different things for a living.

As you said, many people lack the common sense.




This movie will no doubt make it worse.

I suppose this is the Karate Kid for 2008.


At my boxing gym, I saw some big man bodybuilder prolly roided out get his ass kicked by 16 year old black kid who weighed 155 lbs soaking wet.

I'm not talking shit on bodybuilding I respect it.

But I think the impression comes from people, looking at bbers and thinking someone spending al that time to look powerful probably is trying to compensate.

It reminds me of Snatch when that big ass dude gets knocked out by the chain smoking pikey.


This movie is the bastard child of the rise in MMA popularity. Can't remember where I saw the trailer for it, but I remember the taste of the vomit that I transfered to the floor when it came on. Poor movie clean up people, they probably have to clean up puke all over the country.

It actually reminded me of those stupid 'Gangsta Dance' movies that have been coming out once a year for the last 7 years. Similar Hollywood format maybe.


Who needs to pay to see a movie when they can just learn how to fight from watching mma free on TV.


One time I saw a Mexican fight a Black for calling the Mexican Puerto Rican. A redhead broke it up, but not before an Asian got caught in the crossfire.


Hey, I heard Angelina Joli can't really do 15 back flips like she did in Tomb Raider.

I say, bullshit. Anything seen in a movie has to be based in reality, right?

I remember just like it were yesterday when you wrote:


Yep...amazing Asians with 19" arms at only 160lbs and 16 year old black guys kicking the shit out of huge bodybuilders.

Your life is one hell of a party, isn't it?


Until people either start getting some significant size of their own or hang out with some guys who do this point flys right over there head.

"But but but I saw this MMA guy woop a big guys ass once!" Put equally skilled MMA guys in a fight, one weighs 148 lbs the other 248 and it's going to be a slaughter and I hope people know which way. The average guy walking the street is not a trained fighter(no matter how many episodes of the ultimate fighter he's seen) and most likely neither is the guy he's fighting. Keep the what ifs out of it, it's simple physics people.

And as far as Ronnie Coleman: People seem to forget he was a police officer for several years and probably knows a thing or two about defending himself(combined with the fact he's a walking apartment complex) so I'd put my money on him being able to hold his own.